pricing out consulting services

Hey I just wanted to get anyone who is interested’s opinion on pricing on consulting services. With a lot of people with money trying to get into the space that have no idea that there is a lot of sops and general information readily available online, knowing what we know as good life members what is a good fair price to charge people for general non proprietary info?

Are you a GLG member?

There are multiple threads that discuss this, search bar is friend.

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PLEASE don’t just buy a GLG membership, read a bunch of SOPs and feel confident enough to be a consultant.

The value attached to MOST consultants is directly related to them having 10+ years in cannabis AT LEAST.

And all the trial and error that comes with that.

Trust me, most of the real qualified consults have forgot alone more info than is even listed in GLG sops :wink:


In general I charge 2500€ for the basic extraction and spd sop s
With a maximum of 5 days teaching
Without travel expenses


But I do it for fun not a living


I wouldn’t lift a finger for less than $3,000 per week and I only ask such a small amount for people I like and with the added consideration that while I do have chemistry PhD, including analytical chemistry, I only have 5 years can/hemp industry experience so my time is less valuable than someone with 10 years experience


Why would you assume I don’t have 10 plus years in extraction? I know what my value proprietary knowledge that was only obtained from my own experience is worth but what I am referring to is general knowledge that is readily available online

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I am a member I have the conf email but I’m not sure why it doesn’t say it when I login here, I also put in multiple different topics into the search bar and could only people offering services most not mentioning price, if you don’t mind any further reference to the topic being discussed would be greatly appreciated

if you have to ask you aint ready


What’s funny is I’ve done consulting for companies in Ca, MI, CO and NY in the last 8 years but since everyone wants to respond with a egotistical attitude instead of reading the question and understanding what I’m referring to is general non proprietary info that is readily available to anyone online


you asked for opinions. This is our opinions. if you dont like it, leave?


And who the f do you think you are telling anyone on an open forum to leave??

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hahaha you say I’m to busy to read your posts, then you don’t read mine and claim i told you to leave? haha, I said if you dont like it, you CAN leave. It’s your decision.

And i keep reading your OP over and over and every time i do it sounds more and more like youre asking how much you can rip off unsuspecting investors for using your GLG membership. classy

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No you didn’t.

You would have never posted something like this with any real life experience.

Without ALOT more diligence and research on your end, I fear you are in the wrong industry.

You are literally saying you are going to resell information you paid for, effectively making yourself a MIDDLE man. And an uneducated one at that.


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Well for as smart as you think you are you are completely wrong, I’ve never ripped off anyone and had never planned to in fact that is the reason for the post, to come to a consensus on what GENERAL NON PROPRIETARY INFORMATION is worth, maybe read the last sentence again bud

Ayyyeeee ppl getn saaallltaayyyy again :joy::joy::joy:


Bro I don’t have to prove anything to you but I would make you a gentleman’s bet that can 1000% prove to you that I have done consulting I those states like I said, please dm me we can exchange emails but I will make you pay for my time haha and again bro read the last paragraph im am speaking of non proprietary general information, no I have not consulted on that type of info befor so was trying to find a general consensus of what it’s worth… why u so mad bro

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Start talking about money and everyone’s ego gets hurt.

I’ve learned recently that you charge what you want, and if no one pays it you’re charging too much. Charge too little and people will take advantage of you.

It’s just money guys n gals.


You go away, I had a question you just have a lot of hate bro maybe you need to go somewhere hahaha

I guarantee sitting on here arguing is making you 0 dollars :joy::joy::joy: