Pretty sure I just ruined my first spd.

Just ran my first SPD run today didn’t go to plan. Only pulled 5000 microns when I had a supco gauge hooked up. Notice that when I fingered pressed the hose and fittings around the gauge the microns would decrease quite aignificantly. So I regreased and hook it straight to vac and ran it. Opps. Got it up to 235 Celsius and waited about 30 mina and dlshut her down because tlnpthing was happening. I pulled like 30ml of “heads” with a light tint of yellow. Stopped it crude smells like burnt rubber.

I’m running a 500 ml spd setup with 12 cfm 2 stage rotary from Amazon.

The question I’m asking is can this pump even pull down to a correct micron and/or do i new better connections.

Also is my crude not salavagable?

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first off that pump is not gonna work. For a spd that size an alcatel 2021i would be a better choice, they can be acquired for less than 1,500 from ebay tested and working down to 6 microns blanketed off


that hose need to be cut a lot and changed possibly if its still the one i use.


Shorten your hose length and upgrade your pump. that pump you are using is good for like a vacuum oven or something that doesn’t require super low pressure

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I honestly just thought since it was a 500ml I would be able to make it work until I could afford better.

Yea it was same hosing and I think I mixed the 2 up because there was a shorter one that I used to come off the dry ice condenser.

So I know there’s a million things that can go wrong and a picture won’t do you guys any good. I’m more concerned about the 250ml of crude I put in there and if I totally destroyed it.

what color did the crude come out and are you running cbd or thc?

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It’s THC and black but it was black going in. I run ethanol and filter through t-5 and carbon

I hear cbn is getting top dollar these days


I’ve read on here, and mind you I’m learning myself and putting together my own 500ml system, that while you did go pretty high on the temp, the crude was not properly winterized.

it came out black?

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Honestly didn’t want to hear that lol… I want d9

I mean black as in large quantity. Looks like there is maybe some yellow color left if it’s wiped against a cloth

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how was the crude winterized?

and what was the highest temp you reached during distillation

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I do qwet dry ice washes, thought I’d be okay


What micron filter are you using, and how many times are you filtering it?

Max temp was 237 thats when stopped and actually pull the bf onto a cork stand cause it was so hot

Watman one and just once didn’t notice any difference when I filter more them that

Theres a million variables to the crude and its preparation. Dm for a consult on creating spd worthy crude using the tools you already have (prevent charring, lower vac depth, higher potency and more)


235c for 30 min?

you will have some d8


hmmm, I never run my short path over 220, so its possible that you burnt it not having enough vacuum depth…

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