Preheat feature is useless in 2022

So, I have newly developed a product and I believe that the preheat function is no longer necessary.

This is how it looks and we are seeking for candidates to try out its boundaries.

Would there be anybody interested in signing up?

What I have tried so far is delta8(I got them out of filled carts, distillate syringe(about 90% THC),filled the vape pen put it in the freezer for 20 minutes,and then vaped to see if it works. and yeah,it did.


have shipped some samples to some brothers here too, and I am waiting for their replies.
Many of you have tried our products before, and this time we are doing it under a different brand name.

The new disposable has a 2.5g capacity, no preheat button, and has the potential to be a one-puffer-------One puff you are there.

We know it is no longer 2020, and a lot of products are there on the market, but we built it because we believe it can deliver the best vaping experience so far.

I am having more samples be shipped to LA and should anyone be interested in trying them out, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


So to answer some frequently asked questions.

  1. samples will be free. hoping to get honest reviews.
  2. samples will be dispatched once I have them here in CA.
  3. I have tried THC/delta distillate myself,while some have filled live resin to it and they worked fine.
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Are these fully disposable? Or are there cartridge options?


These are fully disposable, there isn’t a cartridge option for this one I am afraid.
We do have a 510 cartridge coming in July or August.
Here is what it looks like.


Cotton wick?

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its a fine-tuned Ceramic Coil.
Its a 2ml cart.


That’s a clever way around my question.


Oh,I get it. Sorry~
There isnt cotton wrapped around the coil.
Not cotton wick.

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To be precise, I was talking about the 2ml cartridge, it is not cotton wicked.
The disposable has a thin layer of non-woven fabric around the coil.

I’d like to try some
I’ve used both the bbtank Simpods and the ikrusher tik pros

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Sure @Codemanmakeshash dm me your shipping information boss.

It is gonna make some bigger hits.
Full Glass+Ceramic Coil(no cotton)

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looks nice, what seal do you use inside?



Hi have looked up your postings,arent you selling your own products man?

but okay,I take it that you are asking on behalf of others as you are experienced.

The seal is silicon.

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To those who reached out for samples,they will be shipped out on 24th or maybe 25th,cuz I will be back to los angeles on 24th in the afternoon,might miss the pickup time.

Would love to try them out even 1 or 2 devices.

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