Pre roll filling machine


So we tried so many filling machines. Does anyone know of which is the best? The vibration table with the 85 king size comes works decent but u still have to pack it down and twist takes about an hour to do 85. We are looking for a machine that we don’t have to pack down just take out and twist does anyone have recommendations? And if so have you used them before


Let me know!


Do you have machines?


nah but we want to get one


Do you have machines?


The futurola knockbox looks good. we might grab one up but before we do we’re looking to see if anyone knew if a good one.


I noticed we had a processor in solitary today…running the futurola knock-box on his own for 8hrs (at a guess, I didn’t check but twice).

I can certainly get you real world numbers. I’m pretty sure it’s load, press, twist.

edit: see post by @AK0YEH below. Apparently it was only 4hrs in solitary…


That wiiid be great to know. So they still have to pack it down before the twist? How many does he do in an 8gr shift? Thanks bro


I have been told by other processors that the knockbox isn’t much better than a standard smokcones machine. The bottleneck is not as much filling the joints with herb, as much as it is twisting, packaging and labeling them.

If you wanted a budget version, you can find concrete motors on Amazon which provide a vibrating base for a small table, and you can even make something that sits on top to hold the joints for probably $200. Otherwise, the smoke cones setup is about $1200. Knockbox is about $3k


I have the same one off another website for like 1100 but I still have to pack it down a little before we can twist. I herd with the knock box you can just twist there’s no packing it down a little. And we don’t fold them down ( Dutch crown style ) because we then oil and kief them. So we hold the twist too instead of the mouth peace and it also smoke better with the pack and twist.


Yes, you still have to pack the pre-rolls, but we do not twist, we fold and press the tops making a concave depression at the tip. It saves a bit of time, assists with the packing of the joint, helps it light better, and looks way more professional. How many finished in a day depends on whether the pre-rolls need to be packaged and labeled. Yesterday on the Futurola that Cyclopath mentioned, the individual finished a bit over 350 in 4 hours without packaging or labeling. A team with four people should be able to get at least 1000 packed, folded, tubed, and labeled within an 8 hour day.


I have a futurola knockbox barely used along with 47000 cones, 5 cases of kings and 5 cases of slims.
Liquidation the entire package for $5500.00 Plus shipping


I have a NEW never used Futurola Knockbox 2 door sale $3,500. Shipping not included, located just outside Seattle.


Hey there! My friends and I are actually working on a prototype for a fully automatic pre-rolling machine that packs tight and then puts the preroll into a standard tube. The only thing is that I am pretty sure it would cost a ton already spent like $30k in R&D…How many of these things do you think we could sell to bring the cost down? I’m thinking maybe 100 in total of all the legal states?


When painting and throwing kief on the joints, what is the best way?