Powdered THC dosing

Yet another technique I employ. I need to find an entrepenuer who will make a vacuum lid for my SS mortar? I will be a first customer of a vacuum top SS mortar and pestle set. Mine is too tall for my small chamber so this technique without inert or vacuum storage exposes the compound to oxidation and it turns red noticably within days. Here is is for the sake of more data regarding possibilities. This method can really pack the cannabinoid into you and mulitple hits like that staggered several minutes apart allow me to sleep when it eludes me. It is a night time technique for me.


again: thank you for continuing to share!

How big/ what materials do you want? Post a drawing.


the price is wrong, and you don’t need a sight glass, but a 4" tri-clamp lid looks like it would be about the right size. a simple flat gasket on the rim of the mortar would seem appropriate.

acrylic or polycarbonate would also work…and routing a groove for the gasket would be easier to achieve with limited tooling.

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It just so happens Im the plastic man! Long time plastic machinist here, I got the lowdown on all the exotics at scrap rates!

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I think that means I can go home now. 'cept that’s were I am. which might mean I should go out to the shop, find a micrometer, and head over to @Beakers so we can get you those drawings, and him a see-thru vac lid for his cold storage.

is static gonna be an issue with plastic?

Idk, you draw I’ll make it! Pro bono!

I could imagine powder flying everywhere if you released the vacuum too fast. It should probably be stainless/ ptfe/ glass. That way you can clean it with aggressive solvents should it ever get sticky.

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glass would be fantastic. with a ptfe valve & seal. I can probably arrange stainless, but would need to use a buddies new CNC mill to get the job done, and you’d be making the seal. predominantly ptfe sounds like the shortest path (no out-sourcing. one shop).

You got a preference @Beaker?

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I have a big ass hunk of ptfe!

No preference at all. I leave it in your teams hands. Just needs to fit a freezer. Ideally it would use an R39 viton O ring. That is pretty standard and ideally the o ring groove would be cut with a ball endmile of course but in both halves exactly like the sublimator joint. It is also an R39 (only guessing but R39 likely refers to radius of 39 cm, however I do not know if that is inside diameter or outside diameter). The botttom of a petri dish pair fits perfectly into the groove so the size seems standardized.

I would say retail IF it did not blow powder all over for me would top at $400. If it does blows powder all over then I would pay at least $6 just for the effort. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Other than that if it works it works. Very heavy base with large thermal mass is best.

The lid could be easily made on a lathe, the o ring gland could be cut with a form tool. What is the o.d/I.d of your mortar and pestle?

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acrylic or polycarb can be cleaned with many solvents. Just check their resistances before applying the xylene :slight_smile:

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I always get a little worry pulling hard vacuum on glass.

Hey you got some measurement’s for me @Beaker?

I got the harbor freight mini lathe ready to go :slight_smile:

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The ID of mine is 3.4 inches
The OD is is 3.9 inches.
1/4" wall

This would not accomodate an R39 o ring but close. If a groove was to be cut in the mortar to accomodate it then the ID of course needs to be a bit smaller.

Here is a top down with the o ring laid on it. These o rings are the one this and the other brand of 150 ml sublimator uses and is standard and easy to get.

Is that bowl hollow or solid?

It is a solid stainless steel mortar. Pretty cheap off Amazon.

Send me the link, I’ll buy one and torture an o ring into it!

@Beaker I’ve been trying to make a THC water soluble powder for a few months now, (I think thats what your up to?) I’ve been using a small batch size of 2 grams 98% lab tested distillate mixed in with about 3-4 Tbs of 95% ever clear, about 220ml of filtered water mixed with about 1.55g soy lecithin completely dissolved in the water, then I mix my ever clear/disty solution in with my soy lecithin water, mix and ran through an ultrasonic cleaner numerous times to completely mixed together, then added into vac chamber and pull all the moisture out at a low enough temp to avoid any damage to THC. I’m simply wondering if you have a better method and would be kind enough to share it with me?