Post Your THCA Pics/Vids


Those aren’t though.


Great diamonds terp, monsters!!! Geussing no seed just pure growth?


Yes, these are just pure growth, but I have gotten similar sizes with a seed. I do the mason jar burp low temp oven tek. Usually wait for the solution to get to a higher viscosity before seeding it, and when I do I use a large uniform crystal, like the ones on the mason jar lid (4th pic). Takes about a week to fully crash out, 2 weeks max.


Same jar I posted above at day 7 no seed, no etch @ 85°f


Live resin is a better high than crystals imo


Day 10



@J12 any tips on grwoing fatties like that i got my first pen rx in oven right now dropped a massive seed in it like thumb nail size seeing nice facets its been 5 days but nothing like that that shits sick


@Lemonade_dave Thanks man. Yeah just low and slow. The saturation on that run just came out perfect. They don’t normally get that large. Just put it in the oven and checked it the next day and there was just a single large stone that just went off. Took about 2.5 weeks.


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No wash


Looks like you used this tek to get them so clear? Indofabs C.R.C & bho color remediation tek.


Yes i did. They were not fully clear , but close