Post Your THCA Pics/Vids


No. You can see that there is some stuck together. That’s not where solvent gets trapped.


im curious about residual levels in those giant rocks as well.


I’m not saying they aren’t sick. Those are some impressive, giant structures. But, facets that big will most likely be trapping excess solvent in there. Someone can disagree, it’s just what happens when they are that big.

The cloudiness in there with the streaks. I am faaaiiirly certain that’s trapped solvent in them beauties.


0ppm 99% and in the CA rec market🙏🏼


You forgot 0 taste. Those look impressive but not very tempting to dab. I like terps and a full high not a flat high. I say big pure terpless diamonds are for IG not dabbing.


You had one of those giant ones tested, or a smaller one? That’s impressive


28 random picked grams as is accordance to ca state regulations


Idk i like to take a big huge massive diamond, and dip in a lil terps. Loving the massive diamonds guild!!!


We mostly isolate for our Thca/cbd pressed tablets and some other things we are doing but there are a lot of people who enjoy the effects without the treble that the other compounds can cause🙏🏼


Is that why the cracks are in there from purging? I have a few facets that have gotten big, but they are for flexing not smoking and are cloudy in the middle. I will harvest them this week actually


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Kinda bummed, the middle crystal mountain had terps pushing it upwards the whole time, but still looking and feeling gooooood. I cant thank you all enough over at o.t.s.s.t. for this techique




Why u bummed?


Recent cold crash


My pics aren’t the best quality but :^) what a lovely molecule.



Pure thca crystal or powder is the best cannabis experience in my book. Smoke at moderate temperatures it provides on unparalleled experience. In my book all the terpenes and contaminate cannabinoids do is muddle up the experience. I don’t want perfume (terpenes) in my extracts. Crystal/powder ensures you are getting proper enatimers, and that the material has never been heated. Once there is a way to vap them on the go easily (I know there are options, but none are fire and forget like a vap pen) the distillate game will be over. So will “adding terpenes”, but that will take a while.

I dream of the day we have 20+ tailored cannabinoid formulations, all made from 99% crystal.

Tick tock, tick tock.


You know you can re x with a terpene and get 0 Ppm :wink: