Possible New Laws This Week?

I keep hearing rumblings from a few people that new federal laws are dropping on May 5th that will significantly impact d8 specifically and all hemp-derivatives in general. Anyone better got a beat on this?

Until a bill is moving through Congress, the timeline on delta-8 remains unpredictable. People have been saying for months that federal legislation would be implemented to regulate synthetically derived cannabinoids, but we are still here. Nobody knows when those bills will became law, so the idea of it happening on May 5th is just another unfounded rumor.


laws dont work that way, they will introduce a bill possibly- all republicans will refuse it and kamala harris will pass the law.

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Congress doesn’t schedule drugs, HHS, FDA, and the DEA do

so if its straight up legal? Id prefer it not be scheduled but previous legalizaion efforts focussed on it being a drug to treat things so they fucked it all up with that.

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Delta-8 is already scheduled, but the ambiguity is whether or not hemp-derived delta-8 is legal. Federal legislation would need to be introduced to clarify this stance.

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Wishful thinking. States are already taking action against, not for it. For you to think anything is about to go positively for d8 is insane. Cash in while you can fam.

Have backups ready.


There’s lobbyists working their asses off. Why do you think AL’s bill was smacked down? Recently via some inside info I have they backtracked a lot of OR’s shit going on too due to language being just awful on it and not clear enough. There are powers that be in both directions clashing, like invisible voltrons hanging overhead fighting with their mechanical fists WITH THE POPULOUS NONE THE WISER.



A lot of people I care for are in d8. A lot.

That doesn’t change the status of my concerns, a year ago was the time to capitalize and I was still chicken shit because it was all hot (for Texas).

Anyone with a compliant coa (from KCA only until otherwise shown as trust worthy) has tried to fuck me for a solid 365 and been scotch free. While guys like steve build up their own third party tests against them.

This forum raged over guys in private beginning to sue over hot d8, but then this forum went into cuckmode for a literal admitted Narc over d8.

I genuinely care about the people in d8 and don’t want that drama for them or to even be remotely associated if they’re the type to start targeting others.

There are so many less volatile customers available for me. Don’t get me wrong. If there were lots of @Pegasus out there… I’d have killed my home state.

Cost of being on the radar before it’s too late and not being a chad.


I haven’t seen any new laws come out of committee on the Federal level for these things. So no new laws.

Last month we got a snapshot from two senators asking the Attorney General to have the DOJ stand down and let the USDA to get their shit together about these products and to stop kicking the can to the DEA. Its possible that there may be new guidance from the FDA on cannabis derived products - I haven’t seen anything about it, but they do like to put stuff out every few months or so, so we know they are still thinking about us. Plus with enforcement actions up - its good to provide guidance.

I’d hope that we would see something new from the USDA - they posted the new “rules” on March 22, 2021 - sooooo its been about 6 weeks since then, which is usually when they respond to “questions and comments” that have been submitted by the public about their rulemaking. I haven’t seen anything about these things specifically - but why not on May the Sith? :wink:

The new rules seem a lot more forgiving in general (you should check them out if you have not already). These are regulations that are designed follow the statutes enacted by Congress in 2018.

Its been about a year since the most recent request for comments from the FDA regarding clinical research and cannabis derived products. There’s been a major push by lobbyists and the like to get them to come out and say something helpful (since just now its a lot of handwaving and saying nope not for food, drugs, or cosmetics) since its been almost a year - we might expect to see another draft guidance from the FDA about this. Or a similar topic. They are also pretty good about turning out documents semi-often on topics that people seem to care about. I haven’t seen anything about it yet - but who knows.

I’ll keep sharing what I see. Sure hope everyone else will keep sharing too. :slight_smile: <3


I saw d8 at the pipe store- the guy at the counter said he hasnt smoked it=nuff said

What state and city? I’ll sign you up for AA

But you’re right. D8 is literally everywhere. Education hasn’t followed suit.

im pretty sure aa isnt down with weed and is religious. So no I am gonna do this on my own but taking a break from not drinking all day If you didnt get that= drinking all day

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D8 is illegal for retail in colorado yet there is a store in the middle of cherry creek selling D8 with a giant sign outside.

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:rofl: wouldn’t doubt it. This is really going to be difficult to remove from market.

They just gunna arrest everyone?? Doubtful

Nah they’ll do an announcement with deadline for retailers and distribution.

When’s it coming tho ??