Possible dumb idea - Cylindrical Rosin Press

I’ve never done rosin-pressing, and have absolutely no experience with it.

So, this could very well be a dumb idea.

But, why are all the presses out there two-dimensional/plate-style t-shirt presses?

Anyone ever thought about a piston-press type deal?

And, on that note, would tri-clamp spooling stand up to the pressure generated by a 10-ton cylinder jack?

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I think it’s a lot more economical to build square or rectangular rosin filter bags vs circular. Also if you take a 3in diameter circular press you would have less surface area then a 3 by 3 square press and it would take up the same room

How would you separate the plant matter from the resin? If using filter bags then the thicker the puck the more it deforms the outer wall and will burst a bag

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What is the advantage you would be trying to achieve with cylindrical shape plates?

Not cylindrical plates, but a full-bore piston press.

Like, a foot long tube, with a piston on one end, and an extrusion nozzle on the other.

The intent being to increase volume of product processed per press, to achieve a higher batch volume + consistency.

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So from my understanding you want some kind of tube that will have a hydrolic press which will press the weed in the tube and at the end of tube there is some kind nozzle for it to “squirt out”

You will still need heat and what would prevent it from squeezing over the press

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It seems like kind of an interesting idea. There must be some precedent for it in industry. How do they press seed oil on industrial scale?


Oh holy Crap you’re brilliant.

It’s continuous throughput too!

Now, you’d probably need something with a bit more tonnage involved, and instead of a candle, use thermal rope or something??


There is a company that is/was making what looked like a English roller style press i forget who it was. just feed bag after bag through just watch out for fingers.

dang I want it haha Links?

i have no idea who it was but i know i saw it maybe a year ago when i thought about then ditched the idea of buying a press. i think it was like 11k.

The problem is you need the surface area of flat plates with thin biomass pucks to transfer the heat. I don’t think a piston type setup will heat the material successfully.

The oil processing equipment can extract vegetable oils because it’s viscosity is much lower and there is no need to heat the biomass to lower the viscosity enough to get it to flow

The roller setup is rosin tech roller


woof! thats a bite outta someones wallet.

The highest throughput machines I know of are the elysian, time wizard, crd.inc style drip tech units where they rotate the press and gravity drip the rosin, reload without cleaning and then do another. You could probably get through a bit of material this way

I’ve seen Chinese videos of material being extracted this way, they filled the tube turn on the hydraulic ram and the cylinder had a flow path on it for the oils to just gush out, it looked like a fountain


Got a link?

I saw it over 2 years ago, It was on YouTube. I cant find it now, but they specifically said it was for cannabis and it seemed like Americans were touring/filming a Chinese facility.
The machine they were using looked very similar to the one in this YouTube video.(sorry for the bad quality, but it’s the closest I could find to what they had)

a smaller hand craked version of the idea.

If your going for production, I would recommend elysian research over anything else or just make your own

I bet some kind of modified screw extruder could be used to make rosin continuously.

I did some cursory research and it looks to me like a regular oil expeller, of the type used for seed oil, could be used to make rosin continuously as long as the chamber temperature is kept hot. The internal pressures certainly compare well to rosin presses, and my experience with extruders tells me getting the material up to temperature wouldn’t be too tricky either.

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