Poor Winterization Filtration and Distillation of CBD

So. I’ve been having some issues with CBD distillation in my WFE. Im just curious. What are the exact factors effected by poor winterization filtration and cbd distillation. My throughput is garbage. My vacuum is pretty deep. chilling real cold on both traps. We just scaled up winterization filtration and our distillation has slowed since. Could poor winterization filtration cause distillation to be greatly effected that much? Mind you ive pumped out 40-50kg of distillate in less than 4 days (degassing and terp fractioning included). Ive gotten 22 in a week on the same batch. Maybe 22. HELP

Define garbage. Is your vac depth not holding causing you to feed slower to compensate?

Get all your etoh out before hitting the wfe.

Vacuum is more than low enough. I think we got it figured out. We just have a huge variant in degassing times. We are going back to the old style filtration we were using and we had a blockage of frozen terps in our traps.

Vac with open feed pulls at 69mtorr

What wiped film are you using and what is the particle size of your filtering system?

What equipment are you using to filter?

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Using a phaudler 6ft wfe. Filter particle size is 5.0um and 1.0 um

4ft filter housing with 20" 5.0um poly filter carts

Care to share details about your phaulder?

perhaps in Wiped Film Manufacturers

I ran into them in the last few days, and had yet to see anyone in our industry mention them.

I’m looking for some pretty large filter housings. I know where to get them used, but haven’t gotten solid quotes on new ones yet. Care to help a brother out on his search?