Polyscience chiller error

I have a polyscience 6860 -10c 1.5hp chiller that just stoped working.

It first showed error code of “low h2o” which means low coolant or flow not detected. I checked and the coolant was completely full.

It then through up an error code “ft 04” with a loud beep which means over temperature shutoff which is strange since the chiller hadn’t even been running to be able to warm up.

I’m pretty lost and will be looking for a repair center in Oregon now.

Hoping you guys might have an idea of what’s going on or possibly know a good place to get it repaired here in Oregon.

@Xtractek is in Eugene


We’re in Eugene & can take a look at it for you. I’ll shoot you a PM with our contact info…

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it went into a “limp mode” kind of setting. it has happened to mine, you have to reset the alarm threshold. you most likely had a power outage of some sort that created a reset on the alarm sensors. I don’t remember how i reset mine I think holding one (or a combo) of the buttons for x amount of time and it would reset. hope I helped!

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Poly science mx07r-20-a11b available if you don’t wanna wait on repairs

My 1.5hp did the same thing. They sent out a motherboard, I changed it didnt help. Had to send it back to IL to get internals changed out. They paid for shipping too. Now it’s working like a champ

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Im done with Polyscience. I had to send mine in 1 week after the one month return policy. Support is only about 1 dood, and depending on what day you catch him good luck. Stay away from Polyscience.

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Is this still available?

Not with that company anymore, wouldn’t know. sorry