Hello there
Looking for a thc rich strain for outdoor in marocco that is polyploid
Been trying for 2 tears now can t get iT stable


read about botanical use of colchicine, it might be a starting place. what is your goal exactally?
ps. note the toxicity as well.


Mr soxlet
My objective is a uneven numbered (dna)
Cannabis plant
Reason being i blast Some and in the naar futere probably a lot in marocco and seeds are a pain
De seeding is a lot of work Some crops of flower are 1/2 their weight in seed
Live resin is not an option when seeds are there
Blasting and Any concentrate making is still unknown In marocco
Farmers in general Will benefit for Any Crop without seed has more valeu
And knowing what polyploidism in general does to plants might even raise there yields
Ps been working with colocin for Some time now don t get them to develop to maturity massive desformation etc
Have a mastergrower (botanist) on My side so quite Some knowlidge in house


@Roguelab Are you doing tissue cultures? Is the goal to make infertile plants or more stable genetics? I would be curoius to see what male pollen from a modified plant does when interbreeding with a normal plant.


Tisseu cultures is a project My botanist friend is working on i myself am an extractor / distiller
The goal is fertile female plants with an odd number of genes
That most probably Will not reproduce (seeds)in the outdoor for lack of odd Numbered male pollen
You can t cross odd numbered polyploids with normal plants
You can cross Lets say a 4 gene polyploid with a normal plant
Gives a odd numbered polyploid


O by the way thanks for your interest
Sorry for My english but i am comunicating with You from amsterdam netherlands english is not My strongest lAnguage


O by the way poliploids are all
Around u’s all strawberrys we eat are polyploids up to 10 pairs of dna strands in Every cel very
Imagine jamaican with No seed of Malawi gold
I now Need to Deseed 17 kg to make 1 liter of destillate at 85%. Cannabinoid content


So iT s that time of the year to buy
Autum croccus bulbs again
Trying to make Some stable polyploids with colocine
Any body else working on such a project ?

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Good book by William Bradshaw. Secrets of the pink kush.

Really interesting read got to talk to this guy in person hes on another lvl…:alien: He goes into polyploid mutation on humans an thats the lore on gients. Also goes deep into cannabis next lvl stuff go check em out.


yep. common trick in agriculture.

eg all the commercial banana cultivars are triploid. so no seeds.

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Yep butt somehow cannabis doesn t like to stay a polyploid
Some survivors of My efforts
7 plants from 10000 seeds at reaching 7/8 weeks and a hight of 12" started to grow side arms with normal dna helixis
Pfff growing extremely slow disformed
And weird
Any way this year new chances beginning of november fresh autumn crocus bulbs in the shop so i Will give iT a go again
Have a botanist that has been researching
A nutriënt dieet hope that Will keep them alive

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Biggest problem with weed is that iT is a weed survivor of the fittest

tossing off the extra chromosomes in a bud sport seems like a very cannabis thing to do. maintaining extra is hard work. dealing with odd multiples even harder.

if you use maize pollen on oats, you can get occasionally get fertile plants with a duplicated maternal oat set, and 1 to 3 maize chromosomes that have come along for the ride.

eventually the maize chromosomes are integrated into the oat genome, or discarded as too hard to replicate.

tried to use that to get transposable elements to leap from maize to oat.



Interesting topic. Lets do reverse engineering on This project .

Stabalizing a polypoid (D1-D2)

To stabalize a polypoids iT Has to cross with a plant of The same multiple . This means a 2p and 4p plant can cross. This happens in nature ocassionaly. Problem with making polypoids plants is That you dont know How many genes Will transfer of The mutant Will Hold 3 or 4 or more chromosomes . Selfing is usually done.

Nature rarely have matching polypoids on odd chromosome . Usually seedsless fruits like limes are 3 pairs . This ensures No seed set.

Maintaining a polyploid
Polypoids have different chromosome settings in their DNA. This means instead of having two genes can have three , four or more. Many fruits and vegetables . When mutants are breed into a Next generation So two 4 chromosome plants then they Will remain 4 chromosomes.

Inducing polypoids
Everything is a form of energy , polypoids are caused by natural and artificial mutation. Most used forms radation, cholchine, bacteria (uracin) , cosmic radiation. There is several other mutagens tha can be used but these are hè most used in mutant plant breeding.

Maybe Some term are Not The right technical jargon.

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My understanding with inducing polyploidism is that when you expose the plantbto colchicine it can cause it to polyploid, but only on parts as opposed to the whole. I am of the understanding that you put expose it to the mother before/during pregnancy. When did you apply the colchicine?

Colchicine induces polyploidy by interfering with microtubule formation.

…things don’t go where they should at cell division…


Ive read that colchicine is meant to be applied to the seeds the affect the initial cell division process but the rate of seeds that survive the colchicine treatment is very low.

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Biology wasn’t my best subject but I’m familiar with growing. I did read you’re giving it a nutrient diet. Have you made supersoil instead of giving them nutrients? If super soil is made correctly you never have to give them nutrients nor ph the water. An older gentleman once told me. You don’t feed the plant you feed the soil. Giving the plants more of a natural intake of nutrients could help yall research. Btw supersoil takes about 1 year to make.

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The problem is that it can produce mosaicism, thatt is, it can also make not a true polyploidism, but one where parts express polyploidism and other parts dont.
Heres an article showing that colchicine can do that.

I was super curious about polyploidism and it’s relation to to myth, so I went down the rabbit hole a bit.


Heres an article you may find useful:


It describes methods of inducing polyploidism through colchicine use with a goal of making seedless citrus fruits