Please help my Pupparoo

Hey guys!

I was hesitant to post this for a few reasons. But I just got hit with the estimate on my best friend’s surgery and it’s quite a doozy. I have some care credit available but it won’t cover the whole surgery. Anything will help. I am willing to auction off things or send out seeds etc. If you want to dm we can hash out any of those details. Thanks again and I apologize if I come off like a panhandler. I just really need to take care of my boy.


Donated. Give the puppy an insane amount of hugs, kisses and steak for me!

You already listened to me go nuts about my best buddy’s issue and lent me your ear - consider this a bit of repayment for your kindness


I’ll get some bread your way tomorrow my friend


Thanks guys. We just successfully got him to poop lol. Now we are resting for the night


Donated a little bit just now. Good luck with your pup. Give him a big hug for me.


First night back at home was successful. Surgery is potentially on the 23rd depending on the surgeon’s consult.


Just want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has helped so far.

I have been thinking about what I can offer to the community to drum up some donations. I have some equipment such as a cart farmer and cat homogenizer that I can part with. Other than that I see too many classifieds of used stainless to even bother listing but I have a ton of stuff so let me know if you’re looking for anything in particular.

I do have an idea of a way I can bring value to the community and maybe I will have to put a cap on this offer :thinking: but…

I am willing to offer free lifetime phone/ text /internet consults in exchange for any donation of 100 or more. My schedule will dictate how quickly we can fit you in, and sessions will be limited to a reasonable length of time. I am happy to entertain any questions and help work through nearly any issues you are having with traditional cannabis extraction (no conversions, etc.)


I have to say this is a generous offer as dude knows his shit in most areas of cannabis big time

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if you are willing to spend thousands on fixing a lame dog instead of adopting one from the shelter you should probably look into getting insurance for the animal

What kind of reply is this? Maybe I’m reading it wrong?


A pretty harsh one but truthful at same time. Definitely could have worded that a little softer especially when someone is watching their dog suffer.

I’m just wondering why do this under your @Apothecary36 account and not your @TRIPPIE account? Most of us know you as @trippie.


What does him fixing his dogs health problem have anything to do with a shelter dog? Lol

How do you know this wasn’t at one point a shelter dog?


Looked like he’s implying to put it down and get a new one from the shelter, having said that I always assume the worst lol

Because actually most of the forum knows my contributions as apothecary36. There are lots of people who have never correlated the 2 accounts


Who know the dog wasn’t adopted to begin with?

I thought he was just saying that dog insurance is a good idea when you can’t afford the possible problems that can come up.

But there are much nicer and softer ways to say that to someone probably suffering

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I’ll definitely look into insurance after this. Never thought about it I just have care credit for emergencies

Most of it you will have to come outta pocket but in most instances you will get reimbursed

Donated $100. No consult necessary. Just reply “it’s not isobutane”

Hope your pupperoo gets all better. I found out my Dixie has CHF and can’t have surgery to get her teeth cleaned/pulled. I had to put her on meds and change her diet.


Damnit. Lol

It’s not isobutane.

See ill do anything for this lil guy


So if you ever have a medical emergency should we all just take you out back and put a bullet in you?