Plant scale chromatography trainings

I get multiple calls every week from both established businesses and well funded startups,who want someone to run big process scale columns for thc remediation

Long and short is this:

You can make six figures as a plant scale chromatography tech RIGHT now.

If you run large columns and make anything less than $100k you need to ask for a raise.

If you want to level up and you think you can practice large scale column packing and want to challenge yourself to learning the #1 most desired skill in oil refinement today?

Let’s talk


Are you talking teaching or consulting or both?

Listening…tell me more

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Im very nterested.

If you’re ever looking for an apprentice, I’m not too far from Door County! :slight_smile:

How large is large? And what is plant scale? Like factory sized? Asking for a friend…

THC remediation sure is about to be the hottest job in the hemp industry that’s for damn sure.


Chromatography is so boring :frowning: I’d love to do it for the development side but processing is actually engaging and fun to me still.


Would be interested to know more as well.

I am definitely interested in learning more about THC remediation via chromatography… what are you offering exactly? would love to learn more!

I smell the beginning of a crash course academy. How much longer until we see companies take ‘students’ through their chroma course with a guaranteed job at the end? Free business idea


I’m in the midst of moving my entire R&D lab across the country so many apologies for the lack of response here and in the DMs

This is clearly a boon for the industry, and I want to help to get people trained with these highly marketable and sought after skills.

As soon as bizcon is over I wanna continue this discussion and start moving on this- 26 hours of driving to go.

Hit my Instagram @vene.ficium up if you are gonna be at bizcon and wanna meet up!

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Large scale reverse phase

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Establish a set cost or “tuition”, allow students to take the courses for free with the contingency that when they get a job you’ll take 5-10% of their income/year until the tuition is paid.


I have so many clients asking for this training. I’m interested in wherever you’re going with this.

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If anyone wants remediation equipment for their lab that comes with onsite setup and training, reach out. All in you’re talking $150k min and up depending on your volume needs.

But if you’re just looking for skillz, @Rowan knows his stuff.