Wanting to buy colums for remediation

Hi we are looking for a good place to buy colums for thc remediation Any help pointing to a good place as well if other better ways to do it

Im guessing you’re after a full fledged chomotography solution rather than just empty columns so you can build a solution around whatever random column you can find.

I’m sure you need to be more specific about your needs to make this work for you.

Do you have chemist?

You might should get one of those, and have them spec the columns and accoutrements.

@MagisterChemist might have time for a consult on the subject.

If you’re looking to hear about other methods for THC remediation, posting that question outside of the classifieds after pursuing some of the other threads on the subject will serve you well.

Slightly off topic, but tri-clamp spools look a lot like chromatography columns to me (I’ve done a fair amount, none in this industry).

Pretty sure one skilled in the art could repurpose a Craigslist hydrocarbon extractor for the task if they understood the problem. Would need to pick up some sintered disks and filter plates in 3” or 4” from @Killa12345

You could move your solvent with nitrogen, optionally using the Craigslist recovery pump to reuse it.

Edit: if in fact you are or have a chemist that could perform the above shenanagins I apologize and point out that somebody will almost certainly find my response useful.

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Hanbon has a variety of different column (example) and they supply the columns used by companies like interchim, biotage etc. You should have a plan for what exactly you’re trying to do though because there are a lot of different kinds and the process is complex.

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defining your budget may help… these are examples from our classifieds.

BPG line columns by GE work for RP and come in many different sizes. GMP compliant. CIP-able with NaOH. You can run it with a masterflex LS or IP depending on how fast you intend to go. You need UV/vis detection and pressure sensors if you intend to go manual without fancy software like unicorn + a detector.

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Ty all

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Columns columns columns…

What’s the price on these

I suggest you follow the link and ask the person selling it…

Unless you replied to the wrong post and are referring to the 60s era glass tubes with wooden stands, in which case start here:

My $0.02