Pizza is my favorite food! Heres how i do it!

i love a lot of foods but pizza is a food i can eat every week and several times a week!

even though i live in an area with a super high concentration of NYers. Good pizza is quite far away and kinda expensive these days. During the summer, i went down the pizza rabbit hole.

I spent hundreds of hours researching recipes, pizzerias, styles of pizza and things that make pizza world class. over the last 1/2 year i think i came as close to perfecting pizza making as i wanna explore. Ive ruined pizza night for the family because there is almost no pizza id rather eat than my own.

Here is where my research has lead me and after so many people ask me for the recipes. this is what i do

I mix my dough in a ninja blender with the dough hook. It takes me about 3 mins per batch. I let it proof at room temp for 2 hours. then into the fridge for 2-3 days to cold ferment. then the day i cook it. i remove the dough 3-4 hours early to reproof. i usually make 4 batches at a time. after the cold ferment. ill put the remainder in the freezer to get hard then vacuum seal them for a rainy day!

If youve never had long cold ferment pizza dough… it just brings a different level of taste complexity. the crunch and the soft chew is just about better than most pizzerias cause not many places have storage space to let dough cold ferment for that long.

I like to use Grande whole milk mozzarella because its super cheap(4$) for the quality negative side is you have to buy it in 6lb blocks. If you dont have the storage, then boar head makes even a better whole milk mozzarella but its gonna be 9-11$ a lb. ALSO, i only use all trumps high gluten high protein flour. This is the highest gluten and protein flour on the market. the bromated flour helps give it that nice brown crust. Shitty part of all trumps is it only comes in 25lb and 50lb bags… And you guys in California cant but it at all! LOL


I got a pizza in the oven so I can watch these guys argue. :+1:

And finished.


:astonished: Ive been meaning to ask you for your dough recipe if your willing to share it, ive been trying a couple different recipes but haven’t found one I loove


I’m waiting for your pizza thread ngl sop MANMANMAN

You hooked it up with the plate for sure.

Should serious blog about your different pizzas. I follow heavily for that content lately hahaha


Pizza tools I use.

Pizza steel

THERMICHEF by Conductive Cooking…

Pizza peel

American METALCRAFT, Inc. 16’ x…

Pizza tray

American Metalcraft, inc. TP17…

Pizza cutter

KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel,…


I like to add 1% honey on top of the regular sugar, my recipe pretty close to yours

A little red pepper flakes in the sauce is also nice


what i really learnt on this journey is most dough recipes are similar. A percent higher or lower depending on the persons personal preference. Like my first batches had more salt and less sugar… but i thought the dough was a tad salty so i lowered is by .5% and it made a major difference. same with the sugar. my homies pizzeria uses a higher sugar content. when i grab some dough from his restaurant… i notice his dough browns more easily than mine so i upped the amount by .5% and it made the difference i was after.

so if anyone uses my recipe and you want to change those inputs by .5-1% to taste… its not hard to refine everything to your own personal preference.

post some of your pizzas here… lets see what everyone doing…


Growing your own inputs would add infinite opportunities. There are many varieties of basil and oregano. Paste/sauce tomato varieties number in the thousands at least.


We use fresh basil from our spice garden. I’ve gone through a lotta crushed tomatoes too.

So far mutti crushed tomatoes are my favorite but one of the more expensive brands you can buy. Even with that. The total cost of a pizza is around $3 so buying the $4 cans of tomatoes over the $2 can doesn’t matter when it makes 3-4 pizzas.

I like the san marzano ones, it’s hard to find a can smaller than 28 oz though

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That’s why I say it makes 3-4 pizzas cause the good ones really only come in 28oz cans or 7lb cans

Now I try to make 56 or more oz of sauce at a time. I keep 50oz in the fridge vacuum sealed. And try to make the same amount to freeze for a rainy day.

And I think the mutti are pomadora tomatoes.


here’s my actual recipe. I was adding some additional wheat gluten to the flour for a while, I think I was shooting for 14% gluten content iirc

I have poolish/preferment notes in my recipe as well, but I really only ever stuck with that for neapolitan. I think it might help with the flavor using such a low yeast % though

I don’t really have any good pictures, and I haven’t had an oven that’s hot enough in a few years. I need to get an ooni or a knockoff or something going


Uh that first pizza pic is quality


@Killa12345 @pdxcanna have you tried using 00 flour?

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Yeah but it’s too expensive and there is nothing special about it.

It just refers to the minimum amount of grinding size. 00 being the finest flour. Problem with going 00 flour is there might not be enough protein in it because 00 flour can be as low as 8% by weight. A really good bread flour is gonna be north of 12%. The all trumps I use is 14.2%.

You can find 00 flour in the 12% high protein/glueten but it’s gonna cost you and there is nothing special about it. Any bread flour north of 12% is gonna make your crust rise well


Appreciate the info. Some of the best biscuits I’ve had use it & was told it’s largely used for pizza dough, so I was curious.

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i never knew how important flour is to the recipe until going down this pizza journey. I always thought all purpose was the same as any other all purpose. bread flour was the same didnt really matter the brand. BOY i was wrong and the flavoring of the flour makes the bread. its actually amazing how different some of these even bread flours act.

00 is definitely used a lot in Neapolitan pizza but it needs to be high protein.

after using at least 5 different flours including caputo 00, i think all trumps is so far ahead of the pack; i can see why most NY pizzerias and NY bagel shops use it as their flour.


yeah, when I worked in a wood fired spot during college. It works well, but you need high temps to get it to brown right, especially without sugar added

we used the caputo brand, I can’t remember if it was the red or blue bags


have you tried supplementing King Arthur with gluten? It’s solid on it’s own, it works really well at 14% ish

I’ll have to try all trumps

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yeah… i have… I even tried using distatic malt to get it to brown and rise more. king arthur with distatic malt has been my favorite 2nd but not even close to all trumps. i think 14% gluten is the sweet spot

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