Pink CBN Distillate

Any ideas why it would look like this? Just received a sample from a lab claiming 99.5%

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does it smell like sulfur?

It has no smell at all

some of the cbn i’ve gotten is pinky; some white, the yellow smelled like post processed egg salad yobagya


Well this stuff is super pink/fleshy color. I wish I had more time right now I’d make an egg salad tincture meme. I’m going to send it off to SC labs today to double check potency

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It raher looks 90-92%ish…

Well it seems like a reputable lab, I’d be surprised if it was that low. Should find out by early next week

It looks like it crystlized, the CBN isolate I crashed out has a slight pink tint to it, but its testing at 95%
Is that distillate really dark? it looks almost black?

I’ll second obextract as being a legit lab but its always good to get it tested.

Hard to get a good pic with this phone but it’s super light pink even with how thick it is, probably would be clear as a sheet

Not really worried about the color, but more just wondering why.

It just occurred to me I made another thread about a month ago with questions about CBN distillate :man_shrugging: I apologize for the redundancy

On first pic it looked more gooey. On this one it seems harder. Might be higher than my first estimate with my ocular spectrometer…

The pink may be just a little .x% of degradation product or synthesis byproduct. I guess the later is more likely. Or rather a combination of both. A byproduct which later degraded to a pink compound, upon aging.

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Looks like some CBN I got a sample of a while back. They also claim 99.5% plus, totally crystalline. Located in Denver.


Isolates above 99% are generally whiter, but Im not familiar with CBN common contaminents.

I’m gonna name it pink magic


I recently saw a pink CBN compound in the reasonable range that looked about that pink, so I wouldn’t write it off right away.

But pure organic substances are generally white; discoloration is indicative of impurities or contaminants.

See here for explanation:

Edit: I personally wouldn’t consume the pink stuff.


Hmm, so even at 99.5% the pinkness would be of some concern to you? I’m very happy with this vs the low 90s distillate I’ve been seeing, this stuff is hard as rock candy. isolate would be great though.

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Yeah, and I wouldn’t put it into something I’d give to customers either unless I had some more data to prove what it really is. Even then…

This is a semi-synthetic drug most likely not produced to pharma standards.

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I agree conversions are uncharted territory and we should all tread lightly, but I’m not seeing much 99.5%+ CBN isolate out there currently, maybe I’m just not looking hard enough?

The goal is the safest product possible or nothing at all, this is the best I’ve found so far.

Aiming to create a high dose CBN product, 12.5 to 50mg per dose dependent on the consumers needs

Not sure exactly what pharma standards are, but this comes from a GMP facility if that means anything in this instance. I bought a gram of this pure white with tiny sugar like crystals

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When it comes to consumer safety, the burden is on you, the producer, to ensure that you’re making the safest possible product. Not sure how a real GMP facility could produce this product to be honest.

I bet if you told your customers the CBN they had was semi-synthetic they wouldn’t be interested. I mean think about how many people don’t even want their cannabis extracted in something as relatively benign as ethanol!