Pigs raiding Northeast

Y’all seeing this. Apparently Maine, Mass, NH. Anybody with more info?

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Raiding who?

Couple big medical grows in ME seems like. I’m just reading news clips.

Post the news clips.

Found this:

Got more info?

Dude my VCR clock is still blinking. U think I got the skills to do that? Lol


If any business in NH is being raided that’s a BIG deal - there are only 3 licensees, all large multistate players.


One of them was supposedly Maine’s biggest facility. Prolly stuffing their pockets with the lute!

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Feds link raid on Maine marijuana businessman to drug trafficking in court documents

by Lori Valigra

Tuesday, July 28th 2020


Maine State Police officers load marijuana plants Tuesday afternoon into a shipping container on a truck behind the Narrow Gauge Distributors building at 374 High St. in Farmington. (Daryn Slover/Sun Journal){/p}{/p}

(BDN) – The U.S. attorney’s office in Maine has filed notices in federal court to seize 12 properties related to the raid on a well-known marijuana distributor in the Farmington area last week, alleging they facilitated drug trafficking.

The complaints, dated July 23, filed in U.S. District Court and obtained from the Franklin County Registry of Deeds, came two days after federal and state law enforcement officials raided Narrow Gauge Distributors, a marijuana company in Farmington owned by Lucas Sirois of Rangeley.

Marijuana plants removed from Maine business amid probe

The civil forfeiture actions list properties possibly owned by Sirois or family members, Spruce Valley LLC and Front Street Investments. Six of the properties are in Farmington, two in Rangeley, two in Industry, one in Avon and one in Carrabassett Valley.

No charges or arrests have been made in the case and exact nature of the raid, which involved the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Agency, has not been disclosed.

Among the properties named in the complaint are 374 High St. and 407 Wilton Road in Farmington, which officials raided last week. The first property is the site of Narrow Gauge Distributors, which is “the largest cannabis distribution company in Maine,” according to its website. The latter is The Homegrown Connection, a garden store that has long been owned by Sirois.

The complaints allege that the property and or its proceeds can be forfeited because it “facilitated drug trafficking in violation of the Controlled Substances Act.” That act allows any real or personal property involved in a money laundering transaction to be forfeited, the complaint said.


Ruh roh. No charges filed but a shitload of seizure? Sounds like the 'ole shakedown


It sounds like there’s a shortage up north and just opened the door for the new kid on the block


This happened my area.

The father was busted 10 years ago. He was one of the big growers in the area at the time.

The son Luke is a medical marijuana caregiver, has a grow store, and a bunch of other businesses.

I hit up the store sometimes.

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A lot of talk about seizing property. I hope they aren’t just on a shakedown kick to fill their coffers.

Used to hear stories about the IL state police on I80 from the west into Chicago; you can be damn sure those stateis post up for the money heading westbound.

I have a lot of family in Maine and it’s nowhere near the top of the list of places where you’d get shaken down but, well, pot people are an easy target for cops anywhere

That is better than getting arrested by the feds. Their conviction rate is around 95%.

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No arrests yet though. But lots of talk about seizing properties


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Loretta Linch, Obama’s AG led the nation in civil forfeiture when she was the US attorney in the north East . Seems the US attorneys up there like to put on a show when they think it might earn them a promotion


Hmm “facilitated drug trafficking”… reminiscent of the feds raiding camp zoe in missouri, the site of a music festival that was well known for drug distribution. The feds infiltrated over years. While they couldnt prove that the owners were directly involved in distribution, they were able to prove that the owners of the property knew that distribution was occurring, and did not stop it. The entire property (I dont remember value but it was +100 acres) was appropriated by the feds and then sold…

Camp zoe was like home to me…


At least two properties have conditional licenses for adult use.

  1. LukeSirois/NarrowGaugeBotanicalsLLC19-MJ-04 Adult Use Marijuana Store
    407 Wilton Road

  2. Luke Sirois/Lakemont LLC 19-MJ-05
    Adult Use Marijuana Cultivation and Manufacturing 374 High Street