Piecing together a small SPD - what do you think?



Off the top of my head lab society and maybe beaker and wrench


I just hope all the angles work out, if not I will have to find 24/40 adapter with angle needed


ah i just saw them at lab society. i had to double check that they weren’t made of gold @ 100 bucks a pop



Here was some cool things


Holy crap thats high price,


Its the gl thread is a coustom threadform, most likely a single point tool had to be made one off to perform the cutting operation.

This is similar to how they would thread that hole, except the included angle of the thread is different, most stuff is 60^* included angle.

This is an example of a gl tap I made, the threadform can be cut into a tool steel rod, then flutes can be milled or broached in the tool to form the cutting surfaces. The tool can be heat treated after the geometry is formed.


im thinking a decent 3d printer could pump those fittings out pretty easily no?

Maybe a PFA or FEP 3d printer?

it looks like 3d printing PTFE is here. https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/all-3m-products/~/All-3M-Products/Advanced-Materials/Fluoropolymers/PTFE-PTFE-Compounds/?N=5002385+8711017+8721867+8733375+8745513+3294857497&rt=r3


That’s why I think beaker and wrench could do it, but they wouldn’t be $20, unfortunately. I bet one of the tariff’d countries make em


Hey guys! I’m also piecing together my own SPD and while i was looking for cold traps I came across this one; http://www.sla-scientificglass.com/shop/category.asp?catid=827

Has a 24/40 inlet and outlet with a 24/40 receiving flask joint. All for $154. I saw someone say they had a good experience with this company, Southeastern Labs, I think it was Future himself. Anybody else know about this company, think this design is good? I’m worried about the performance of this trap since the outlet joint is in the stem rather than the base.


i really want to show one of these chinese companies the exact take off and angle of my short path and have them make the isolation valve and cold trap…looks like @BromaW-Manager is looking at exactly we want and i can imagine offering options when business resumes in February.


@BromaW-Manager man these guys would be doing good if they could build custom components based on our input, i could even suppy cad drawings.


I have a friend that has a 5 axis mill, that may get it done, need drawings to give him to see. He treats me right with pricing


Thats pimp slick!


that part is better made in a lathe, To make that part in a mill would take quite a bit more programming and raise the cost of manufacture.


I just called these guys! they will make anything lol. im getting pricing on a custom SPD head, Dewar trap, isolation adapter, flasks, etc.


Schott & Corning blanks & glass

I asked SLA-Scientificglass for a quote on the following:

vacuum jacketed
2 sets of vigreux reflux indentions
80MM tall (height) smooth interior column above vigreux for dropping in 19mm x 70mm structured packing or rashig rings
34/45 Main Lower Inner Joint
24/40 Top Upper Outer Joint
29/42 Condenser Drip Tip Joint
GL-18 Hose Barb Condenser Connections x 2 (3/8" I.D.)

Dual Neck Offset Flasks:
500ml 34/45 (main joint offset to side) & 24/40 (temp probe/thermowell angled for thermometer)
1000mL 34/45 (main joint offset to side) & 24/40 (temp probe/thermowell angled for thermometer)
2000mL 34/45 (main joint offset to side) & 24/40 (temp probe/thermowell angled for thermometer)
5000mL 34/45 (main joint offset to side) & 24/40 (temp probe/thermowell angled for thermometer)

Cold Trap:
Dewar style
29/42 Outer lower joint
29/42 Outer upper joint
29/42 O-ring receiving flask joint

Valve Isolation adapter:
29/26 outer joint (should match departure angle of SPD head)
29/42 Inner O-ring joint
29/42 Inner O-ring receiving flask joint
GL-18 Cap Release


Does running the head on the off-set BF port affect the reflux and separation within the head at all? I would imagine there would be some benefit to flow running such a steep angle like that, but I know with alcohol still columns you want the reflux column to be relatively level.


I wonder if the assembly is just sitting at an odd angle in the mantle?


sorry brother my question was concerning your Ninshin single vacuum port cold trap. I now understand that your still putting that setup together . Durp I just cleared a brain fart and your going to use the 3 way to hook up your bottom vacuum port. OK got it but it does bring me back to a concern of mine which is do you think your going to experience any vapor loss due to the vacuum port being so low in the stem? Below is a pic of the straight tube vacuum take off I’m going to using


I’m looking at purchasing the exact same 5l head off ebay. Have you ordered your’s yet? I see another 1 has sold in the last few days if so how was your experience in dealing with that ebay seller. He has a few bad remarks which turned me off that.