Piecing together a small SPD - what do you think?



My roto has been busted twice like that and I’ve broken at least two or three thermocouples


@Soxhlet I’m using a Variac to control my mantle. I have a thermocouple to place between the flask and the mantle. Is this a better place to read mantle temp than a probe inserted in a 2 neck flask? I’ve been reading about leaky thermocouples and am wondering if switching to a single neck RBF would be better.


I bought 10x gl14 fittings because I’m Neanderthal as fuck. I figured half the shit i was gonna break. I bought 3x sets of receiving flasks cause it’s only a matter of time before I break one of those. Bought 2x RBF. With the extra pumps and parts. I’m really close to having 2x full short paths. Lol


yeah, put the T/C into the insulation in the underside of the mantle touching the heater.


I bought twice as many as needed from this lol


Cool, I’ll give that a try. Thanks!


Are any of you guys using the dspr220 auber instruments controller for mantle?

Also anyone ever ran a diaghragm pump in the beginning of distillation for removing last bit of etoh and terps then switching.over to deep vac pump afterost volatiles are gone? Simple valving setup


we have 2 pumps, both rotery vane. We use one to rough the heads off, then we switch to the diffusion side of the system.


I also use 2 pumps , first is cps 6cfm for nasty. Swap to alcatel 2021i for mains.


Anyone have any leads on a China chinese Cold trap with full size 24/40 joints?


Thats a nice piece @square_root_pharms if and when you find the supplier…let me know. Hey @BromaW-Manager…can you get us this??? Please DM me a price for a cold trap like the one in the picture above this post. Please take note to the 24/40 joints for the vacuum input and output.


My thermocouple probe head adapter fits really nicely in the distillation head. I think I need to pull the probe up a little so it is level with the condenser. To seal the adapter into the joint and the probe into the adapter, will PTFE tape work on it’s own? Or is this another connection that I should grease?



pull the probe tip up to be level with the sidearm on the distillation head. If you have it pushed in where the liquid can climb it your seporation will be poor.


@Poizzin Do you have a picture of how you hooked your cow and cold trap to vacuum lines. Im looking to buy the same cold trap from Deschem on ebay


Ok so i am helping out a friend of mine
And the gl fittings for vacuum sucked
So did mine When i used them by the way
And a lot of newbees start of with a cheap Chinese rig
So thinkering on the matter i came to this solution
Don t laugh🤣
I gleud on with polyurethane gleu ,epoxy i found to fluid for this
Hose pillars on the glass
Advantage being a wider bore and. Less seals that want to leak
Make sure that When starting to put gleu in the metal fitting You have a round pin
Stick inside the fitting Wich You pull out once parts are into place yust to make sure No gleu goes in vapor pathUploading: IMG_1498.JPG… e


Pic not working for me.

Does anyone make ptfe GL18 to kf flange adapters?


Not the best b picture, this is current, using gl14 to pumps,

The new setup will be this head

This cow
this 3 way
This cold trap
This vacuum adapter
Hooked up to bellows direct to my pumps. Shoul have everything by end of next week


That’s the only cheap cold trap I’ve found with full size joints but have to use an adapter like your 3 way to utilize it.


That looks real similar to what I’m piecing together.

It will be interesting to note the departure angles of the branches on those adapters to cold trap fitment and how it will all align.


I need to make surevit tomorrow