Piecing together a small SPD - what do you think?



Note that the 153 dollar one has a Dewar id of 37mm. That’s a pretty small unit


Hahaha you’re right I didn’t even notice. I contacted them for some custom glass as well!


I’ve got them pricing an 80mm ID unit. I imagine probably in the 300-400 range


Okay, not trying to hijack this thread but I want to get a little insight on my set up ideas so far. I was able to score an Alcatel Adixen 2021i off Ebay for $300 used, this is the start of my investments, $448 with warranty, shipping and an oil mist filter. I’m only looking to get a 2L setup to start practicing with, and found the glassware for $345 at a local science store in Lakewood. It looks like pretty decent glass, and I can just walk right in an inspect the quality. If the glass can handle a deep vac, I should be good right? Would hate to encounter an implosion.

Here’s the lsiting;


That just looks like a resold China kit. This one is cheaper with what looks like a better head design for cannabinoids


Hahaha, I think I might go with that one, looks pretty solid. I also asked Terry for a quote on a 2L setup w/ cold trap. But overall I’m just trying to set up a short path for cheap so I can get experience on my own time and maybe process larger runs in the future, I don’t want to take too many short cuts and have glass in my face! Everyone knocking China glass on here has me super paranoid :sweat_smile:


Na man a lot of ppl on here run China glass. If I don’t go southeastern lab glass I’ll go Chineseive already got my components picked out for Chinese setup. Eventually I’ll upgrade bit by bit once I’ve learned the ropes


i can post up my links…like i said…i paid under $350 for all my glassware. All new. Feel free to ask… I got my system under 100 microns without flying glass…

China isnt the same china of the past. I grew up in the 80s seeing the famine china pictures. this country is a super power now. They dont want to injure us bro. They make good shit most of the time. Maybe not perfect, but certainly useable


That would be greatly appreciated! I wanna get a working setup as soon as I can. Pump is on its way, now I just need everything else.


ill post it up in my thread so people that have followed along can see what i bought and what im buying.


Anyone running an Alcatel 2033 pump? Found a good deal on one locally…


Check this bad boy i just found…Im emailing them to get some of those cold traps and pieces. Thats looks like just the setup we are all looking for give or take.


Badass find!


right…give or take a few little pieces…that thing is bad ass. I know the chinese are listening now…HAHA


I might just contact them for a custom order using some of those pieces. Swap out the head and that 40mm flanged cold trap for another 29/42 joint


Thanks to your Mega List I’m sitting at $1,115 for the rest of the 2L setup, down to the little parts, that includes shipping and any available warranties. Bullseye gauge is the most expensive thing on there at $400. The glassware was just $240 altogether including the cold trap. About to pull the trigger!


Just remember to ask the seller for a bigger trap. My trap was 250mm and $68 too. If he don’t have that size. I’d pay for a bigger one rather than a smaller one.

Glad my list is gonna help you.


What is the downside to a smaller cold trap? Would I be able to run relatively well with a 200mm - 250mm one? I may not have enough money to invest in a 1L Cold trap


The downsize is it might not protect your pump as well and you might need to constantly fill it will dry ice.


Just get a used yellow jacket 69075 guage for like 150 its as accurate as a bullseye it’s the same sensor