Piecing together a small SPD - what do you think?



Life saver, bro. Now I’m at $978 for every single thing.


This is the way to do it. Make sure you want to do this before busting down like 20k on a bling bling system.

This forum is awesome. Great suggestion @square_root_pharms


I didn’t even realize they already sell a full wide bore cold trap too. This guy has some interesting pieces and I’m sure he can get more.

Full 24/40 joint cold trap

Dirty cheap 2l short path. Fuck. Don’t think they get cheaper than $270.


Ya man I sent him a list of custom stuff getting a price.


Check out this inline gauge.



I think you want something that will go to
.5 micron as a lot of our pumps will go below 10


From some of the video’s I have seen theirs only a very few that reach that level of vacuum. I was thinking this gauge would be a decent one to start out with. However I just returned from ebay and theirs a few gauges that will go down to 1 micron that’ cheaper. Their used however i think i will save up and get the Bullseye.


Those work ok. However their accuracy below 500 microns is questionable. Their onboard sensors do not have the resolution of the agilent 531 or even pirani sensors. But they are better than nothing!

Get a used yellow jacket 69075 which is the same accuracy as bullseye if you want cheap.

@Sidco_Cat they have what appears to be a bullseye competitor that uses an agilent 531 sensor too with some upgrades for the same price as a bullseye!

If you want more accurate look at a pirani sensor and get a custom Arduino gauge when @JacobsLadder release his


He is the glass maker, I’ve got a whole slew of custom things I’m having him quote me I’ll post it in a bit


id imagine thats just a rebranded bullyeye; just like the lab society one too.


It is but it comes with a bafffled kf fitting from the factory for the same price

I’m not sure if the bullseye does


Wangchenyu4 on eBay. It appears he is the glass maker but can’t be certain. The glass all has HK in his pictures on it but he will make custom pieces.


I need to decide if I want 75 degree or 60 degree angle on the SPD head. Any input?


All depends on how much room you want under the receiving flasks, the steeper the angle the less space you will have.


Is a steeper angle better for flow, output?


The only downside to a 2L system is the production rate, I prefer adding a maximum of 60% of the flasks capacity.

I personally don’t recommend using china glass for a BF or any other glass component for SPD as they are under some deep vac and heat. Try contacting wes at vacuum dynamics for cost effective options, They source a lot of chemglass for a good price.

if you’re planning on scaling up, It would be a good idea to get the Edwards e2m28 as well as an Alcatel 2021 for rouging pump.

Always get quality glass you don’t want to have any issues there.


Unfortunately for a beginner breaking into spd China is far cheaper by about half to 1/3 the cost. Vacuum Dynamics is better priced then the big names for sure but still about 3x the cost of China glass. There’s already been plenty on the board successfully run Chinese SPD but southeastern scientific glass may be the cheapest of all American made options.


The V1 joint comes in at an angle of 75 °, while the V2’s joint is at an angle of 65° .

The V2’s increased flow angle should allow for a higher throughput and require less condenser heating, as the compounds will have a greater incline to slide down than before.


I have bought several used hvac yellow jacket vacuum gauges for very little and just places brand new sensors on them at 48$ a piece


Do the yellow jacket gauges work with all agilent 531 TC sensors?