Piecing together a small SPD - what do you think?



Honestly American glass can be good or bad just as Chinese glass can be bad or good. It all depends on where you get it, the quality of the materials used and the end price point.


No matter where you are you only get what you pay for. Here’s my system as of today.I will be doing very small custom runs so I don’t think I go over 1000ml. Boiling flask with be single neck as I will rely on temperature probes on the bottom of the boiling flask for my temp. reading’s 5l xl head and the single cow hooked up to a custom 24/40 female 1000ml cold trap with a 24/40-kf25 adapter directly to a ss bellows. I plan on running a hard line system to minimize leaks. What type of grease you use?


Currently dowcorning high vacuum grease


So is the idea on that adapter to use the isolation stopcock and swap receivers?


Yes shut off and isolate, drop flask , replace , reopen


When turning a multi-distributer cow, is it as easy as just turning it on the head joint while running or do you need to depressurize for that as well?


@Killa12345 addressed this exact issue in his post summary of his most excellent thread on his 1st SPD run. As he stated this is a greased joint and rotated smoothly removing his fear sit in motion by the dude at summit labs.


This was one of my biggest fears and was totally for no reason. It turned very easily! I was so scared cause i had read summit sop like 15 times before running


Same thing here, I wasn’t sure how to address turning the cow. I read and read, looked and searched for videos watching the cow turn. Then realized after it was so easy


Thats exactly my thoughts as well…If i would have just seen someone in a video turn it…my fear would have been nil but there are only sooo many videos on Short Path Distillation of Cannabis and NONE show switching the cow.

once you do it…your like “really” ! Literally takes no force…certainly less than opening a water bottle.


I’m glad this was answered!!!


Sweeet. So picking up a small tube of grease just for that joint would probably be a good idea? Any brand recommendations for the grease?


I’d imagine Dow or any cheap vac grease will work. I know @Cryo13 just got down to 40 micron with Dow and Chinese glass. That seems to work fine


Awesome! I’ll order some of that now, thanks. One other problem I’ve run into has to do with the mantle. That one linked further up in the thread is a damn good price, but because of CNY delays it looks like I’ll have to pay the markup for one from USA Labs. They only have it in 220v and at this point it’s going to be cost prohibitive to upgrade the service in my lab for 220. Does anyone have experience using a 220v to 110v converter on a mantle?


Hey everyone, quick update.

The system is setup and ready to go. I’m doing a dry run tonight to check for vacuum and make sure everything works.

I just picked up a liter of crude from @CBDfarmer (thanks!). He already ran it on a wiped film for a quick pass and separated the terps. He provided GC results showing 64% CBD and 2.7% THC. We are planning on running the SPD tomorrow!


You can convert 220 to 110, but it would take some type of transformer to increase 110 to 220,
With 110 there is a ground (green) a neutral (white) and a hot (black/red)
With 220 it takes two hots (one black one red) then a ground (green) each hot leg is 110, when combined its 220

Not sure if that helps you but that’s what I know
I’d be scared to try transforming 110 to 220 because it may increase the draw on the wires causing heat and possible fire hazzard…


Yeaa, it’s an old building too. Likely aluminum wires to boot. Thanks for that. I’ll ask the electrician who gave us the quote and see what he says. And post it on here for reference.


it shouldnt cost much to have done, it took me about 30 minutes to wire in 2 220 outlets in my lab and 50$ for the supplies tops…
If your service/breaker panel is close it could even take less time


That’s what I was hoping was it would just be as simple as running an outlet, but the breaker panel looks to be from the '70s and the electrician said the whole thing would need to be replaced in order to do that. Ballpark 2k just for that. He’s an old friend of mine from when I was working construction, so I trust he’s not gouging me. Worst case, I guess I can just do the first run or two from home (where I have 220) just to get some revenue flowing and get that upgrade. All the other processing can get done at the shop. I’m just glad I asked before attempting something that could have made everything a whole lot more expensive. :grimacing: Thanks again!


Grease for all joints ALL