Piecing together a small SPD - what do you think?



No problem, ya if you have means to do it properly elsewhere, you should until you can get the update, darn old electrical can be dangerous on it’s own, I’m not saying a transformer wouldn’t work, it’s just not the best way to do it, and matching the wattage to the mantle may overload older electrical…

However you said at home, keep in mind the smell of distillation is one of the most gnarly smells I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling, I had to use D-limonene to get the cold trap flask to a reasonable level of stink after finishing, it just laughed at isop-alcohol


Ahh, Good to know. I have a 8" fan and carbon scrubber, so hopefully that will help out.

@Roguelab I keep hearing conflicting reports on this. I was planning on PTFE sleeves and distillate for all the other joints because of contamination risk. Do you find that risk is all that justified with proper grease application?


No Distillate and. Ptfe works fine on the condensation path but all others i use Grease as long as u use something
Not dry glass on glass as Some people recomend


Have you ever used D-limonene to do a quick wash through a butane tube under vacuum? :sunglasses:
I started out with 112 grams of what I call trash but beggars can’t be choosy. I wash said 112 grams with 28 ozs of D-limonene and got back 900ml of liquid. I place packed tube and D-limonene in a cooler packed with dry Ice for 6 hours before I extracted and I have been evaporating said liquid for 8.5 hours with what looks like about 4 more hours of evaporation using an Excalibur food dehydrator


How much was the crude for the L?


$2k, came out to about 981 grams


Check at breakerbroker.com, I find parts for customers old equipment all the time, either on there or eBay.


Alright, so I did the dry run. This is what my gauge says. When I pull on just the gauge, I get 8 microns… so something is leaking. Is it worth looking for the source of the leak or do you all think I’m ok at 42 microns??


In My opinion You are Ok
Searching for. Leaks this. Size often results in more leaks and headache
But thats me
Once coldtrap is loaded You Will most likely pull even deeper


I would say go for it I have run as high as 380 micron.it raised the temps a little (5°-10° difference ) from my usual but it ran just fine otherwise. Hell I wasn’t Emden using a proper vacuum guage for the first 3 runs I would just wait for the needle to max out I


Cool, thanks guys. I’m excited, today is finally the day!


good luck home slice!!! Looking forward to the show! Im sure you will be fine as this forum breeds professional results…You have done your homework and the hard part is over. Now just time for the test and your gonna smash it! Enjoy the fruits of your labor! have a wonderful day!


42 on a dey run is great, imo. Hope I hit that low on testing


You are going to need to turn the heat up a great deal, as d Limonene has a very high BP. But it’ll be really citrus’y. It’d be good to make carts with.


I’m learning the process as D-limonene vapor can become explosive above 48c. Once the distillate becomes solid I will do an oil purge on the stove as the hit I did last night was very hash and my lips are still tingling Lmao


209C, 68 microns… starting to really flow as the condenser heats up!


Alright, this is really spitting out the body now. I’m just under 3 hours in. Vacuum has dropped to 45 micron and temps are stable at 207.8 on mantle and 184.4 at head.

When do you guys decide to switch to tails? The SOP I’m following says once you get to about 75% of starting volume, switch. Are there other cues I should look for?



I don’t take anything over 190°at head leaving my mantle temp alone. That being said my temps, are see feral degrees lower with the new setup, i will have to fine tune my temps


Looks awesome!


Should I be continually ramping or just chilling here for a while until it stops flowing?

Edit: is orange color at the base of of the vigreux a good indicator? The color hasn’t really changed yet.

Edit 2: the head temps have dropped to 177.7 and mantle is still 209.1. The vacuum seems to be dropping faster now, it’s down to 37 microns.