Piecing together a small SPD - what do you think?



That’s what Im hoping to have. An effecient setup thats swappable from 500ml to 5L maybe even up to a 12L flask


My stoned azz eyes read 5000ml -12ml I too await your design with baited breath


Throughput will be idled down on smaller 500ml flask sizes using various packing media.


I agree… strain specific taste like shizzle… I been using true blue… their flavors are tasting like what they are called… some are better then others but it works really well for flavoring disty… I put disty and terps in locks and lay worms in my blunts… if I’m out I’ll break out a bubble gum or birthday cake blunt and people are like wtf???


True blue terps makes some good disty flavors


I got that seller on ebay to make me a custom cold trap with 34/45 openings to match that vacuum adapter he is selling. He also made a bunch of 34/45 to kf25 adapters for me as well. I’ve made 2 orders so far, both went smoothly. Much smoother now that I don’t have to talk to him through ebay. Shipping only took a couple days to Canada.


You should invite him to the forum…Imagine if we had a Chinese glass maker here too…This place would be bumping with customs stuff.

Thanks for the review on the seller and letting us know.


I currently can go from 250ml to 2000ml . I originally bought a 2000ml setup not realizing how much product was required to run it. So I started going smaller to be able to run.


I just did my 1st QWISO and I also realized how much crude it would take to run a 2l system. So my thoughts were to down size the system plus run a single cow. With this type of system should allow me to reach a lower vacuum with less possibility of vacuum leaks


Keep the cow just after a run keep heads in a jar and tails once jar reaches 250 ml You run em in a 500. Ml flask in the 2 liter mantel Some aluminium foil And iT works
This way your mains are perfect but You dont loose material


I sent him a link to the forum and this topic. He said he was going to join.


Heres a breakdown down of my setup, and its all easily pieced together and modifyable.


What are the main issues we see with Chinese made glass distillation setups? Shitty glass joints that don’t seal good? Implosions? How many ppl have had Chinese SPD units or other Chinese pieces in their setup break, crack or implode on them?


So I’m finally putting in orders for my SPD setup :grin:. Anyone use one of these for their head or side neck thermometer adapter? I like the idea of an o-ring there to seal it up for simplicity sake, but I think I have heard complaints of o-ring seals for SPD if memory serves me right.


KF25 to 24/40 male adaptor


Joints seizing and leaking are a big problem I’ve had happen several times using cheap gear very When using better quality like Rocco glass I’ve never had an issue. The other major issue that not many people talk about is inconsistencies in the glass (wall thickness, shape etc) and on the surface of the glass which cause friction, issues with heating, and air flow. These things eat your efficiency alive and produce inferior products. If the difference in price is, let’s say 3k between a cheap kit and nice quality kit I struggle with how it makes sense to not spend the money. All it takes is one leaky seal to ruin a batch. That batch costs way more then the difference in price.


@Poizzin How do you like the quality of your HK single cow. I am thinking about having that ebay seller make me a 5l xl head with 2 vigreux so i can pack it with 24/40 joints all around. That way I know I will not have any issues with setting up a small spd.


I’ve had good luck with the Chinese glass, they leak some but can be fixed with a little patience and good vacuum grease. I would love to try good glass but can’t afford it until I open my business. Right now I am in learning mode.


This take off is incredible. The flow is incredible compared to standard cow. I am still using a gl14 connecting to the cold trap. So my next purchase is the correct cold trap and kf25 adapter . Then the new delta 9 5l head


That’s great news. I have some so called American glass that not as thick as my Chinese stuff. So I am reluctant to change glass suppliers.