Piecing together a small SPD - what do you think?



Well I received my D8A Leybold pump and the main seal is leaking oil. when i informed the ebay sell of this defect I was refunded my money and told to keep the pump for spare parts. I also bought a brand new yellow jacket vacuum gauge hooked it up and the pump still pull 45 microns and the oil is clean so a rebuild is in order.


Sometimes we take a gamble on those used cheap pumps!


Awesome job on these drawings. This makes it much easier to communicate ideas for sure.

We should link up and design some stuff!?

Did you order your glass yet?!


Not yet I’m working with a China lab glass guy now. Going after a cheap 500ml to 5l swappable design with structured adjustable packing media rings for added reflux on small runs with built in thermowell to eliminate possible leak points


Yes we do but I did go in with the mindset I may have to rebuild this pump. What I didn’t expect was the Ebay seller giving me a full refund making this rebuild very affordable


If hè sell s equipment we use often might as Well recomend him here
Hè deserves our bisniss👌


My cheap Chinese takeoff got here and works great. No more turning the cow.


How were the vacuum levels? Did it go lower?? Awesome work @Poizzin. This place is really the #1 source out there if your looking to learn about this craft. What other forum are concentrate makers experimenting like this now…Reminds me of the ICmag concentrates section 10 years ago! Great Work Guys!


Vacuum levels were lower, I noticed that it pulled some trash towards the cold trap and held it from gong into the recovery. The flow was incredible compared to what I had before


Right on @Poizzin I have a couple of questions for ya.

  1. Is that the Delta9 head off ebay?
  2. I have search the internet on your glassware containing the logo HK and I cant find a thing. so would you be so kind as to provide a link to your single cow.



Here is that seller you requested.



seal kits are cheap, check the duniway stockroom for parts or call.


Thank you but dont tell a sole. As a lot of ppl call me google boy cause theirs nothing I couldn’t find. But this one got my goat. Thank you


im pretty good on finding shit too…Id imagine since this whole forum is full of resourceful people…most of us are the google/ebay/amazon gurus of our crews…LOL


best price so far is 209.00 with vanes. I will also replace the harden steel shaft so all the seals have a new smooth surface to seal up to.


And there is another thread on this forum where i posted a bunch of parts from that seller and i think @square_root_pharms is having that seller make him a totally custom SPD which ill be second in line for his design!

EDIT…my high ass didnt realize this is the thread…Scroll up to POST 202. LOL I posted this seller and some of his wide bore cold traps.


I am indeed. I have drawings over to him now. as soon as i finish my ASP unit (adaptable structured packing) drawing ill have him start and ill get my buddy up here @GrowingBalance207 on loan to test it out for me while i finish building my basement lab lol.


Not the delta 9 head yet, it will be soon I hope


i am basically doing the same thing but at the opposite end. I want a spd that I could interchange between 500ml -5000ml.


I am really looking forwards to that addition to your spd