Pic of cold crash jar tek help

Was just wondering if there was any advice on what temperature to set the vacuum oven to to begin crystallization I have been starting at 82 and slowly increasing 92 degrees Fahrenheit any advice is appreciated I have already cold crashed the jars for 48 hours in dry ice and burp the butane down and I’m about to cap the jars should should I put the vacuum oven under vacuum while allowing a diamonds to form or leave the vacuum oven under no pressure is my other question any advice is appreciated thank you in advance

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Is this ur photos…is that thca? That’s some the prettiest blooms I’ve ever seen

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Yes my photo and thank you just took it when post was made

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Cold crash off another run this one was into a pyrex dish not mason jar so I just poured the sauce and butane off the top and scraped out the cold crash and it left me with this beautiful thca that’s currently in a vacuum oven ar 78 degrees Fahrenheit


So this is the cold crash blooms once isolated…was it hard already?

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I blasted using my regular sop then poured into a pyrex dish and stuck it on dry ice for 48hrs then boom all this bloom on the bottom. Then while its frozen i then dump the liquid butane and terps off into another pyrex. Comming straight off the dry ice allows the butane to stay liquid and not evaporate and hold the terps inside and Ya there hard almost like a diamond but little softer.



You don’t want to pull vacuum on your oven with closed jars in it. The only thing keeping the lid on that jar, if it has sufficient butane in it for crystallization, is the 14+ lbs of atmosphere that’s holding the lid down.

If you take that weight away, by putting the jar under vacuum, you are increasing the pressure differential between the inside and the outside of the jar. Higher pressure differential means the container is more likely to fail, but luckily mason jar lids are designed to be the weakest point. So, if you’ve not made any alterations to your jars, and you haven’t decided to double down on lids, the lid will give before the jar, which is definitely what you would prefer.

Until you have a feel for what temp works best with your strain and consistency you’ll want to start low and work your way up being careful not to buckle the lid and cause it to leak. If you want smaller crystals, all the way down to powders, burp often. If you want larger crystals burp less often.

A centrifuge and some jar baskets might prove helpful if you’re trying to isolate that thca further.

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i’ve got 2 jars that are blooming just like that…

should i keep it in the freezer longer or has most nucleation completed? they’ve been in there for 3 days or maybe 4 …should i set the jars out at room temp or maybe warmer?? ( freezer is -45c and solvent is heptane )

you’ll need to warm that up to redissolve, yu wont get any diamonds from that much sugar. How much solvent to thca is in there?

one was a 3:1 crude to heptane and another one is 4:1 … i have very limited experience with crashing diamonds. so i’ve been grateful for the spoons on here and sometimes i use WKU consulting on Youtube… then i just experiment and take notes.



i worship no idols haha some of the stuff he puts out makes me scratch my head. i like to take all info possible and then decide a route. i’m also an extraction rookie. ( into my 3rd year now )

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Don’t blow yourself up listening to that dingus.


This is your co2 crude that you winterized in ethanol, recovered with a roto, and then dissolved in heptane correct?

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yes sir

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He talked shit, I dug. Soooo…Take anything you’ve seen from him with a grain of salt because he doesn’t really seem too stable and that’s with all BS and kidding aside. Plus apparently a very disrespectful person.


Is this bho or a redissolve?

i took crude and homogenized with heptane

I’d pour it into a pan and pull a vac on it. Keep it hot enough to stay liquid but cold enough to not dissolve what you have crashed out