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Any software gurus can chime in on this device?

SWIM is about to switch over to them.

Also, privnote through signal app. Is this a good alternative route?


Sidco is kingpin imo

Also that’s just another person trying to act like they’re cool by taking the Android Open Source Project and skinning it and calling it Cipher. Maybe adding a feature or too but if you’re wanting to get sexy with it I’d custom root and rom a device that is compatible with

You can always just take the AOSP project and make your own operating system.

I did this 10 years ago in college and was fascinated with it back then.

They’re no different than Blackberry and Amazon


Thanks for the feedback. I have a question for you or @sidco and excuse if this a newbie question with software/hardware. I’m looking for a mobile device for a non traditional vertical biz. Software I need to Sales & Fulfillment, Inventory Management, CRM, and CMP. Any recommendations or route to go?



Are you doing online sales? Katana works well for a back end and will link to woo commerce

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WP ERP = gift to Wordpress
Odoo isn’t awful

I have a BlackPhone that was pretty cool.

Do you want data kept on a server, or local on the mobile device?

Will there be multiple users?

I’m a fan of custom solutions based on Ninox.

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Are you asking what cell phone to get?

Though I have setup a few straight forward ERP systems and had my fun in all the major CRMs, I would say it entirely depends on what functions exactly you will take advantage of. Do you have an in house dev/it guy? Employees that need training? What are the needs from where you are now? We should start a separate thread for this. Feel free to split.

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Dunno how

gpg is gold standard. You have a “public key” and “private key”. The public key everyone gets, you protect the private key for yourself. Someone uses your public key to encrypt a message that only your private key can decrypt. If you want to send a private message to someone you will require their public key. Messages can be sent any way text can be sent. Programs exists to do this automatically in Thunderbird and its counterpart MS Outlook.

Otherwise is something one could use that is closest to discord, but more secure and not as much fun.

With Element/matrix, one could use their own server. gpg is the way to go because it works with anything. Practice makes perfect.

Signal uses google servers.
ISPs (providing a public service we pay with through taxes, and also the service itself) are now openly collecting selling user data.
Cell phones use a radio to communicate with a cell phone tower for phone calls/data. That has been and for the foreseeable future will remain entirely closed. There is software running in your phone you have virtually no control over. Don’t think a phone can be secure imo.

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that is very heavy on marketing lingo and absolutely 0 specifications. Absolutely don’t trust that. Better off with a pixel flashed to grapheneOS and then use omemo xmpp if you need group chat. Or gpg for single user as @sidco said

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elements security sucks compared to xmpp+omemo

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It can. But it’s not tech easily taught. It’s all DIY mentality.

I remember having my Verizon Motorola droid with a custom OS boot loader etc and then hacking the Imeid to read Sprint phone that was android and acceptable.

Inner workings of company software tools is definitely more required…

You would never have know my device information and I had control entirely over software and added layers of encryption.

I highly recommend looking into cyanogenMods history. It’s heavily focused on your privacy. Now as Lineage OS

Carrier hacking is the major 2factor destroyer presently as well. Mainly inside jobs.

linageos still has google blobs and you cannot relock the bootloader

Google blobs? They don’t auto load Gapps

gapps is not the sum total of googles binaries that are on a linageos rom. There are still binary blobs that are used in each rom port. Also lineagoeos is not built for security, although its security is better than most stock. In general if you need real security, get off your damn phone :stuck_out_tongue:

I have spent longer researching secure communications than I have spent on cannabis, I’m not trying to swing my dick around here, simply offer that this is something I feel I know pretty well.


I would absolutely not advocate using Microsoft anything! No proprietary anything! assume its backdoored!


Google blobs? Damn sounds like a tough enemy. How much HP? Vulnerable to spells?

Joking. I have no idea what a google blob might be but my gut tells me @RedundantAlexithymia is right. Off with your phone. :innocent:

i misspoke technically, i meant proprietary blobs. What that means is bits of code that people cannot audit to see what it does. Who knows if it spies on you. The code was designed somewhere between google and the phone manufacturer in order to get the basic operating system “android” to work with that particular device. In general though there is far too much metadata generated by cell phones. Telecommunications are still possible securely, but you must know who your adversary is and what technology they have at their disposal. In the case of anything but a misdemeanor, get off your damn phone. Buy an old AMD (no intel) laptop, boot to kali, spoof your mac address, crack some wifi where there aren’t cameras on you (leave your phone at home goddamnit) and then send your messages GPG encrypted through TOR.