pH balancing THC distillate (quick oxidation/color issues)

Delta 9 THC is unstable and has a shelf life when not held under vacuum OR shielded in some fashion from atmosphere. I have left waxes in the product on purpose but otherwise ran my unit to produce slightly opaque clean pale yellow product. This substantially halts the degredation and I believe the mechanics are the waxes provide a barrier against atmosphere.

Here is a photo of the run I did but left the waxes in it. It retained this appearance for weeks as I dabbed with only a slight perceptible darkening over several weeks. My avatar photo shows what this same process produces but without waxes left in. The wax content dab has a slight off taste but not harsh and potencies between the two dabs feel about the same when vaped.

We are not the only ones who struggle with this. I dug pretty deep these last several years as I developed my own Tek. The manufacturers of Dronabil believe the red compound that forms from THC to be an oxidative degeneration into cannabinol. This is what their tests say it is. To protect it they put it into sesame oil and even have traces of isopropyl alcohol listed as inert (protective) contents in each pill.

I discarded traditional distillation techniques and now can run most batches at 130C as measured at the heat mantle. The thermal breakdown products during the run are a bare minimum. Pressures to carry this out are ¾ of one micron. I use a variety of chromatography techniques as well. When my med does get red after being left out then I just dump it into the cryogenic sublimator (which has almost no hold up) and run it again. The deep red traces of compound will be left behind and once again potency is water clear and very pale yellow.

Yet left out within just hours really it begins to take on a noticeable red hue. In my process it is unlikely that the Ph or any such factor is causing this. The manufacturers of Dronabil call the red byproduct cannabinol and they believe it happens from oxidation. Their pills are designed to mitigate this. Even then it is considered a “success” to have just a 90 day shelf life. (Of course medicinal standards are very high for shelf life.)

Here is a copy and paste of results in the synopsis of a government published study:
from the national library of medicine;
The appearance of the dronabinol capsules remained unaltered during frozen, cold, or room-temperature storage. Regardless of storage condition, the percentage of the initial Δ9-THC content remaining was greater than 97% for all evaluated samples at all time points over the three-month study. These experimental data indicate that the product packaging and the sesame oil used to formulate dronabinol capsules efficiently protect Δ9-THC from oxidative degradation to cannabinol; this suggests that pharmacies can store dronabinol capsules in nonrefrigerated automated dispensing systems, with a capsule expiration date of 90 days after removal from the refrigerator.”

Full link: Stability of dronabinol capsules when stored frozen, refrigerated, or at room temperature - PubMed

I am convinced the red I see develop in my med after even third run purity to be oxidative degeneration into cannabinol and do not believe my process impacts this except that it produces high enough purity that natural oxidative barriers are removed (like waxes). Trying to halt this in THC by adjusting refinement parameters is unlikely to work to stop this. It is oxidation and the oxygen must be prevented from intimate contact.

On a personal note, my favorite vaping is when the THC has aged for one day or so to just begin to take on a red hue. I get chuckles and grin a lot when vaping just slightly pink but otherwise pure compound, but when it degrades further it simply loses too much potency. A slight red hue imparts a delicious flavor to me as well although subtle but my point is that the medicine at absolute purity (which is sub orbital high lolz) becomes more enjoyable with just some slight aging into pink. I always see signs of purple in a first run after it sits in the freezer overnight that produces clear but it fades to red and subsequent runs this purple trace does not manifest. It was easily removed via DCVC chromatography and it is a mystery to me what this purple compound is. However removing it had no effect on the aging to red that I could detect.