Personal product testing

Does anyone know of an easy method for testing different extracts and distillate “at home” mostly just to find out cannabinoid content

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This is all new to me. Im stuck in reserch mode. I have a ton of questions??? First and foremost how do I acquire more.

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More what?

More knowledge about the pros and cons. Versus oil to green.

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I hope im on the right site. I love the science of it all so many possibilities. But ppl ignore it

I have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re not in the right topic… are you talking about the pros and cons of extracts vs flower?

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I must be on the wrong site. Im talking about oil pens…the vapors tobacco. My bad

This site has a lot to do with cannabis not so much tobacco/ nicotine

:poop: ok I got worried. My bad that is what im talking about. Ok but what is the purpose of the site. I just got a vape pen and was wanting to know how to make my own oil. For personal only. I don’t like ppl

Personally I would give you this advice…

If your gonna start, start w something easier, cryo cold w dry ice, ethanol quick wash…I wouldn’t get into any hydrocarbons yet they need way more attention and safety, not for beginners

Next, green or oil?

Is smoking the vegatative matter good for me? No way

Next this venture can get pricey if you don’t have material… Sometimes cheaper to find wholesale dealer for some ventures, just according to how much u need and consume


this is a fairly inexpensive option for a gc.

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TLC is the most accessible.

go check the in house analytics thread.


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while paraphrasing Dickens was mildly amusing, if you what know how to make your own XZY, then you might want to do a hair more reading before posting…and then actually ask for help with X, Y, or Z.

Your first post was essentially incomprehensible. the fact that it took until your 5th post before we had your actual question out in the open will not serve you well here.

what starting materials do you have?
what is your end goal?

are you planning on starting from seed?
purchased crude?
Store bought distillate?

have you read any of the threads on making carts?


Tlc is easy to scrap together cheaply from eBay parts and chemicals


In chromatography what is the main variable that allows compounds to separate?

So say I have a mixture of “XYZ”. I pack a column and add my sample solution “XYZ” (can I apply a small amount of pressure at this point?). I start to elute the mobile phase and pull “XYZ” through the stationary phase. What happens at this point that causes say compound “Y” to eventually elute first?


Here is an answer to my question:

“If you had a mixture of THC and CBD, the THC would elute first, since it contains only one alcohol functional group instead of the more polar CBD, which contains two.”

That depends entirely on the media and solvent system chosen.

So it is an answer.

Separation is affected because either the mobile or stationary phase (or both) have different affinities for the various moieties in your analyte. If X likes the media in the column more than Y does, then X will take longer to elute. If Z is not soluble in your mobile phase, it won’t move till you change solvents.


Light Labs orange box is pretty sick and relatively cheap! Its a mini hplc.

We got one but I think the newer testing kits I’ve seen look better and can test distillates etc in addition to plant material much faster
I’ll try find a photo of the new equipments I’ve seen