Perma-Cool system

Has anyone used the chilling units from perma-cool? Seem like an interesting option but would love to hear some opinions from some of peers.

Thanks in advance


Good question! It seems like Delta and Ace have moved away from pairing their CUP/Spinner with MTA and both are now going with Perma-cool? Can’t find much history on this company so I’m interested in hearing some testimonials too. Anybody have feedback on MTAs?

The MTA chillers have a minimum glycol supply temperature of 16°F so they are used mainly for the solvent condensing part of the extraction process. Pumped glycol chilling systems like the MTA allow the entire refrigerant loop to be pre-engineered and factory charged, so the chiller installation can be performed by a plumber. The Perma-Cool system seems more suited to chilling the liquid solvent back down to the low process temperature after it is condensed. The promoted efficiency gain comes from pumping the 2-phase refrigerant from the outdoor condensing unit to the indoor evaporator and back without an intermediate fluid. That does mean that the refrigerant piping needs to be engineered and installed on site and the system has to be charged with refrigerant on site by a certified HVAC tech.

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