Pennyhead 10-18

I cannot find the cap of the distillation head joint 10/18, with what can I cap it? Silicone, hot glue or what?

Another cap? I wouldn’t try to cap it with anything else. That’s specifically why they use those; because they work so well. Check to see if there is any kind of lab supply in the town that you live in, or the ones closest to you. If you can’t find 1 close then you better hurry and order 1, and get it shipped over night.

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I fully understand that it will be of some use, but, I have traveled the world online, unable to buy one, because they don’t ship to my country, so I thought I’d plug it, I saw a guy on YouTube, who doesn’t even put a thermometer in the balloon boiling point :hugs:

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Find a lampworker locally and have them weld it shut. Or replace with a more standard size ground joint


But in your opinion, the red silicone for high temperatures 300 ° +, can be able to solve my problem?

Absolutely not! You will inevitably end up with it in your extract, and removal of the contaminants is zero fun (if it’s even doable in your lab). Plus, if for any reason this isn’t being tested before it is consumed, you will likely be poisoning the end user.

Please do not use anything but grease designed for lab use to lubricate the system’s joints (and only a very thin film as the manufacturer intended). Find a reducer or take @SidViscous’ advice and utilize a local glass worker.


Where can I buy it online, do you have any suggestions or links? Thank you

Making one out of ptfe is another option…

(Think battery powered drill and a sharp knife…)

Might be easier to help if you revealed where this land without stoppers is located…


There shall be NO stopping in this country!


Yes, I went googling too, but American sites apparently don’t give me the option to buy outside the US. I am in Italy.

Maybe @Roguelab or @Dr_Jebril could help you source something in Europe. :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for the tip, I texted each one, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


You should be able to get this from lab glassware suppliers, locally, such as VWR, Carl Roth, Huberlab etc. Should write them an email because it may not necessary appear in online catalogue.

Otherwise there is China. Many suppliers there, such as Lab1st.

Or as suggested above, local glass blowers. This is the nicest solution.

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Thanks anyway

Searching but in the mean time the tapering on these glass or ptfe is very similar to what you need might be an option as plug with grease


In fact we forgot about the best glass supplier. :man_facepalming:

You should try with @david .
He will have this, he’s fast and reliable.

Look up here @david glassware and adapters sales section


Okay, I’ve found who can weld the glass stopper. One more thing or a suggestion for a diaphragm pump capable of being effective for pumping about 20 grams of concentrate into the 50ml flask?

This is my 50ml mantle and this is my distillation head. What type of vacuum pump for this setup?

Can this pump fit?


Condition: new

Voltage: 220V 50Hz

Scope: 9.0CFM; 227 L / min -255 L / min

Final vacuum: 5Pa / 0.05Mbar

Factory micron rating: 15 microns

Phase 2

Rotation speed: 1720 rpm

Power: 1 HP

Input port: 1/4 “SAE and 3/8” SAE

Oil capacity: 300ml

sure, but you needed to be PRODDED to provide Italy.

guess what. the all knowing one can also be prodded thusly.

(see fine manual: Customize search results by country or region - Programmable Search Engine Help)


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