Payment Processing- UPDATE 3-28-2022

This industry is ALWAYS changing, so as of today, here is where a lot of payment processors stand with the processing of CBD, D8, etc…

I will try to update as I receive ANYHTING regarding the industry.

Shopify shutting down Ecommerce for D8 Business? Use Wordpress, easier to navigate.

I work for Adept Payments, and have about 4 diff. banks for CBD, D9 D10, HHC, THC-V, THC-O.

Want a better rate? We can provide a detailed rate analysis comparing your current provider.

Not able to Accept AMEX? message me to know why, how we can provide that,

Starting a new business:

-Make sure you have an FDA Disclaimer on your site

  • ALL products MUST have COA’s listed on the site. (not older than 1 year)
    -Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy, Return Policy.
    -MUSt list states where product cannot be shipped (disclaimer)
  • 3 Months bank Statements for the business (3 months personal, if new)
  • 3 months prior processing statements
  • Articles of Inc
    -Drivers License
    -Voided Check for the business
  • Screenshot of domain ownership (ecommerce)
    -Copy of all COA’s (PDF’s)
    -If Ecommerce, site needs to be LIVE (shopping cart won’t work obviously)
  • Cant integrate into Squarespace (unless you use “Pinwheel”) which is an additional cost.
  • If you are using WIX, we can integrate VIA PPS.

Any other questions, Feel free to message.

This is informational, so that if you are starting out, you know what you will need EXACTLY.


While I agree WordPress is more open, Shopify has two entities. It’s payment processing arm and its hosting arm. You are more than welcome to keep your website and products there (correct me if I’m wrong please with proof), but they will deny you on payment processing.

Shopify has the same major portals as WordPress being the most common one.
I support IT/Web for both platforms.

Whats your website?
Is Adept payments an arm of a bigger payment processing business essentially white labeled for high risk or cannabiz/hemp biz clients?

If so who is the main company supporting Adept. For transparency.

Nice that you’ve got pinwheel options. I’ve seen many use that. (KOSMIC)

How do you guys handle underwriting (general process would be nice)

What is a typical approval for these type of accounts and expectation $/mo, per transaction other fees etc

Since 2008 in the merchant services game. Nice.

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How do the underwriters feel about hemp derived delta 9 edibles? I’ve only heard hard no’s on that.


I would just like to say how happy we are that sean has come on future. Adept payments has worked flawlessly with us and we are very happy customers.
Sean will look after you and we jumped arou d to multiple payment processors before finding Adept payments. We sell a variety of cannabinods all less .3% by dry weight basis :slight_smile:


You mean hemp products less than .3% by dry wieght basis ?

Have a friend who got one of his square accounts suspended today for health claims. They are auditing and requesting COAs. I have had no such issues with similar numbers in sales, because I don’t make health claims.
Don’t make health claims
Need a square referral code? Hmu


Referrals don’t work on cbd. The cbd portal i thought was specifically for hemp accounts

Happy customers are the best. I dug on their history. Not new to payments. Definitely need to fix their partner portal url :wink:

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I would never use square again. They approved our account and then one day out of the. Lue shut us down and kept our money for 6 months. No humans to talk to and then to make matters worse have square reps calling me to open up accounts with them.


This has happened multiple time to me with paypal and almost happened again last week. Some people dont even get their money back. TOS says they can just take your money.


The referrals work to get me some free payment processing.
@ProEndo why did they do that? Only CBD?

The way I look at it is they want your money, as long as you play by their rules they will keep taking it. The percentage is a little high though comparable to others I’ve tried

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Ooof. I have heard some horror stories but that’s just nuts!! Care to elaborate? We use square and had to do the dog and pony show to get approved for selling hemp products but I definitely don’t wanna get left out in the cold by them.

We we never given a reason. Now this was also a time when d8bwas just starting but still we were never given a reason. My theory is they basically want no risk and then take the money to play with it for 6 months. The fact we were never given a reason and still to this day get marketed to really pisses me off. That is why im so happy about adept becuase when your first grtting started the amount of hoops you have to jump through is a lot. When you finally get going and to have the rug pulled from you a real pain.


They never give a reason and they don’t really play with your money. They make enough in fees to “play” with. But they do hold your money for 180 days for chargebacks if any. Usually if you file a BBB claim on them. They will release the money in 30 days if your account was old enough.


I don’t sell any hemp deltas, may be why they like me more.

Right now, its a no go. I’m looking into it though.

Thank you for your kind words. Glad we could be of service.

TRUE! No health claims! Great point!

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-We are an individual ISO, nothing is “white labeled” or face lifted.
-We work with several different banks who support the business types, and we have been in various industries for the past 15 years, I myself have been here for 5.

  • We dont work with Pinwheel
  • We ask for the above documents, underwrite IN HOUSE approval in 3-5 business days
  • Monthly Minimum is $100, 10c trans…

Why don’t you work with pinwheel