Particles in roto boiling flask???


I’ve been on the forum for a while learning from you all so first off i’d like to say thank you. Awesome community.

I’m hoping someone can give me some insight on an issue i’ve been having. Whenever i’m rotoing lately, after about an our in I get these little clear particles stuck on the glass. They continue to grow/swell until I break vac and clean out the flask.

My filtering routine is this

  1. Winterize using watman #4 with 3” tri clamp buchner

  2. Build Celite 545 cake in buchner with fine frit, let it dry for minimum 1hr. Then use the cake for my carbon scrub.

  3. Filter through watman #2

Yet somehow this keeps happening. The particle size of my celite is >20 microns. Any ideas?

I get this all the time. I thought they were small thc crystals, but I’m not sure.

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Was this ethanol extract by any chance?

Yes -80 bucket tek

I really hope that’s not what they are because I always throw them out. Only acetone and salt, followed by an Osmosis water rinse seems to do the trick for me.

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They are most likely water soluble elements, and they crash out when you rotavap and the solvent evaporates. An infamous problem with ethanol. I have heard bentonite can remove them but I haven’t personally tried it.


I wonder if we can blame the water content in the reclaimed solvent?

I haven’t seen much if any of this at -80, but have at -40


Thca crystals i asume Lets try to keep saying things right for future readers
@Dred_pirate i know make the same mistake :grinning:



What did I do wrong?

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If building up crude for SPD is my end result, do I need to worry about taking them out? I was thinking it was celite or AC particles this whole time

Propane pentane thca thc O Well Some of us get iT but Some don t and make silly mistakes from what we write
Like putting disstilate in hexane and try to mine diamonds
Won t happen but Reading this You might believe iT can be done :grinning:

Not especially I guess. It you are running wiped film however they can be a problem. And if you are trying to sell RSO they are definitely undesirable.

You should try bentonite scrub next time though. I want to hear if it actually works.

Yea i’ll try it, thanks for the help

Wonder If iT s strain specific When iT pop s up the fact that iT isn t decarbed makes cbd a less possible option
I don t use a roto but is iT a Crystal ?
Maybe someone with a time of flight apparatus Can figure it out

Definitely not strain specific, it happens with all of my machine run trim, which is all i run.

They’re not crystals per se. they’re more like little specks of clear powder. But the more concentrated the crude gets in the roto, the bigger the chunks swell to.

Taste a speck If iT taste sweet iT probably a sugar type
If You fall ti the Floor and get spasms iT s not :grinning:


How do you clean them up once you’re done rotavaping? Do they redissolve in ethanol? Or do you need something else?

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I would guess they are most likely gums. Some acidic water should dissolve it.

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Hahaha I was thinking that you might be meaning that. I do need to get some pentane, though.

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Ethanol doesn’t phase it. An acetone/salt mixture shaken for 5 seconds, pour that out and then I do a rinse with osmosis water, that seems to work best from what i’ve seen.