Particles in roto boiling flask???


Yup. Then that is definitely what it is.


The gums are okay to leave in my crude for SPD then correct?


Well Yes but Degumming gets a pureer product check the Degumming treads


Just did a quick search, there’s a ton!

If i’m aiming towards volume > quantity would it be better to leave them in? In the hole from getting everything set up. I did manage to score a j-kem DVR-200 for $475!!


Is it celite getting past your filter


Ah yes, say hello to gums and water solubles - infamously the byproduct of etoh extraction (when your solvent has been reclaimed a few times over) This is a function of the water+etoh azetrope’s affinity for pulling more of this junk from biomass than pure Etoh by itself. Carbon and clay treatment prior to roto should fix this, and make sure you dry out your solvent every 2nd recovery by re-distilling with the roto bath temp around 50°C, super deep Vac, and some mol sieve in the rotating flask for good measure👌


Regardless of how cold you extract with your ethanol?


Azetropes are incredibly interesting - I’m not qualified to explain in further detail. Let the peeps with the science degrees chime in @Photon_noir


Ethanol can be the cleanest crude extraction you can possibly make, but it can also be the absolute worst. It just depends on how you do it.


I plan to run crude with -70 etho. I’m just wondering about how often I would have to dehydrate my etho


You want 190 every time. So if you’re pulling any water, you need to reproof every time

I find I get 190 from my still, but not from my rotovap. Others have had different experiences.


Hrm interesting. I myself extract at room temp with denatured and I haven’t seen this myself. After winterizing at only -30f I do a carbon followed by bentonite scrub.


Why wouldn’t I want to use ethanol vs isopropyl


Looks like water solubles to me. Are you also getting precipiate on decarb? It will be more sludge like in that case.

Check out my bucket Tek for an extraction and filtration approach that should eliminate this issue.


?? $$

Where did I suggest iso?

For folks in OR, and Northern CA, I’m an advocate for the hippy friendly folks who used to be (now in Ashland.


Isn’t 190 isopropyl? Or I’m totally understanding that wrong and you mean 190 proof vs 200 proof. Now that I am more awake I realize what you wrote. Sshhhh. My coffee and cannabinoids hadn’t kicked in


With that said, why wouldn’t I want 200 proof etho and extract -70 or colder?


Both those are covered here I believe


I was planning on using ethanol, regardless. I was wondering what the difference is between 190 and 200 proof. And why wouldn’t I use 200. And if do extract at -70 do I need to reproof it or dehydrate, or if I’m using the incorrect term the correct one later on. Or, if I roto/recover at a low enough temp I will be good?


You can start with 200proof etoh. Many do. You’ll end up with 190 in short order. 190 is probably ideal.

Get a proofing gauge, and learn how to use it. Temp compensation is important.

Rotovap has been reported to be useable, but that was not my experience.