Panakeia cbg seeds

Hi there,

does anyone have informations about availability of Panakeia in EU?
Any experiences with cbg seeds?


Did you try Search results for 'Panakeia' - Future4200 ?

I grew out a handful of panakeia, definitely too many intersex issues to run again and they finished too late for the PNW.


Thanks. I did, but I was looking for recent informations.

So you read through 15 other threads, and didn’t find what you wanted…so you decided the next guy should look through 16…

I don’t think you understand how this place works.

Folks who started those threads may have learned stuff since they asked 6months or a year ago. But if you don’t ask on the same thread nobody will be notified, so nobody will come back and update you (us). (Notice how you get notified on responses…)

So you’ve missed the chance to notify any/all the other folks who have ever shown interest in the subject…

Asking folks who stated they were planning to run said strain for an update is more likely to yield than the same question without that targeting.

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Could always merge it :*

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It would seem asking @jval13 for an update would make at least as much sense as another thread.

Just sayin…


Not in the EU, but sourced from Spain…

Just sayin.

Edit: I see you’ve already poked at

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Thank you for your explanation. I am sorry for the complications I have done in my ignorance. And yes, I have read these articles. However I was looking for recent information. But now I am knowledgeable in this, next time won’t make a mistake.


Hi everyone,
I am new to the forum and still getting used to the rules. However I didn’t want to open another thread for same discussion. So decided to ask in the most recent one.
Have anyone else other than @Hoku actually grew Panakeia CBG?
I am a farmer for 3rd year and so far had grown hemp for CBD oil. This year I want to grow it for CBG flower and came across the Panakeia. Can’t find any information in regards to taste and basically need to know if the strain is going to be suitable for smoking?
I have terpenes profile from breeder but not sure if it is adequate reference for ensuring it is good for smoking.