Oversaturation in the hemp industry got you down? Convert it! Ask me how!

After reading through the latest posts I’ve noticed an influx of members at their wits end wondering what to do with their CBD distillate and/or isolate in this overflowing market of hemp.

I would like to extend my knowledge of conversions and help you create a market worthy product. I am able to create a conversion of CBD to D8 with under .3% D9 (presumably legal in all 50 states.) Or as high as 2:1 (D9:D8)

These services are offered as toll processing. Direct message me if you’re interested or to learn more about process to get started. Located in southern Oregon.


There is a real market for D8?

That’s a good question, it seems it’s pretty new to public market with only a few people I’ve seen offering it so far.

Maybe @CBDOKIE could chime in as he’s the first I’ve seen selling d8 liters here.

I know there’s an outfit in my area now offering it, recently saw them on IG:

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Definitely a market for sure. Not sure how big it is or what the demand long term will be but everyone who has gotten any so far has liked it. Much better than sitting on CBD! Let’s start the D8 revolution :sunglasses:


D8 is mildly psychoactive though, right? I’ve never had any so idk how strong it is. I wonder how you’d pitch that to customers looking to not get high or if that’s just a different product altogether.

I’m still trying to make a non-crystallizing CBD cart without using diluents, but that is proving difficult. Would d8 inhibit crystallization?


Yes d8 at the proper ratio to cbd would inhibit crystallization

unless there is something i am missing

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Side question, in rec/med states is it legal to convert from CBD to D9 or THC-A?


Email me your info and I will drop you a five gram sample no charge. $5,500 a liter is the going rate. Andy@honeycreeklabs.com


Great question. Not sure why I wouldn’t be though

Illinois has a drastic shortage of THC products right now, it’d be amazing if we could start moving CBD crude to a lab in Ill doing conversion.


Just ordered a sample pack from your site. I’m stoked to see what ∆8 does to me!


This site? https://honeycreeklabs.com/

I don’t believe the delta alternatives site with the sample packs is from @CBDOKIE as he’s in Oklahoma and they are in Southern Oregon.

What price are you suggesting? I purchased 88% D8 for $2,300/kg

Another great question, full disclosure it was seeing this post from @Stevenvhoang that gave me the idea to post this service.

He says two outfits in Oklahoma use his cbd to d9/d8 tech to offer 1:1 d9:d8 products and one can be found with a 1:1 vape on Weedmaps (lucid)


your going rate maybe, as in you’re not going to be making any sales at that price


I’m thinking $400-$600 per input kg of distillate/isolate you wish to be converted depending on desired end product (D8 with below .3 D9 or 2:1 D9:D8) and how many input kg you want converted.

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Oh lol, whoops!

You’ll need a (cough) plan to transport any D8 with D9 across state lines as that would be Schedule 1 Felony (so, really a non-starter).

Otherwise, you’l need an in-state law that allows D9 sales, as every conversion I’ve seen leaves more than .3% D9 which means… Schedule 1, three hots and a cot.


Yes I’m aware of this and this is why I won’t be shipping or selling any of these products myself.

I’m simply offering the service and it will be receiving parties responsibility to personally bring me product to be converted and pickup the converted product since I won’t be shipping anything or receiving anything in the mail. It’s also on them to figure out the legality of selling any of the converted products they received.