Outdoor auto flower yeilds North east

Anyone have experiences running auto flowers out doors in the north east or more specifically maine ?
Trying to get a idea of what type of yeild I should get. 1 oz per plant? Hear people saying 4 but feel like that’s a stretch for outdoors in my area

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4 in Maine with right seeds and style


Got any advice on the right seeds to produce that?

I would contact Mephesto genetics ( maybe spelled wrong) and Ethos.


I had terrible luck with zweet zanity last year. Got into early flower and lost it all to bud rot. Timing was bad in that the flower coincided with 2 weeks of hot/humid/wet weather. I got some NL auto freebies and gave them to a friend. He got that through to good results and it create some highlighter yellow concentrates. So, the AF idea is viable, but it’s just like photos. It comes down to strains, their suitability for your conditions, and your growing skills. This was all in Northern New England.

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I’ve heard good things about Humboldt Seed Company autoflowers, but haven’t used them myself.

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For concentrates or smoke? If concentrates then I’d just search around for pricing. If plan to sell as flower Mephisto and Night Owl.

Mephisto is excellent for autos.

Humboldt has some solid ones but haven’t ran enough to say for sure

If you’re gonna run a lot buy in bulk from mephisto directly (I contacted the owner via Reddit lol) or check out seed cellar, they usually have 100 packs. Good luck getting any new releases though… they sell out absurdly fast


The soil prep and temp should be spot on from my exp

ive got bulk autos for fair prices hmu

For sure

I’ve heard this consistently as well

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This. They have excellent autos!

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Sometimes I see guys on discord will put them up for sale/bid. Might be worth a look if you can’t get their drops.