OTSS When To Cap, Request for Pictures


I have a scenario… when it comes to steps of cryo (2days -70c or lower), then evaporation to 1/3 of jar then cap (all at room temp, lets say 75f)

  1. Pour extract from collection pot to pint wide mouth mason jar (473ml whole jar), fills to about 250ml then loosely place lid and band on jar, and set in crushed dryice filled yeti chest for 2 day.

Now here is where it can go in a couple direction’s. 7-8 out of 10 times, there will be thca bloom, and other times there will just be a layer of (what looks like sand like) crash all at the bottom of the jar.

I can say when there is a full bloom the crystalized end results are way better then the sand like layered bottom bloom.

After reading other testimonies on here and OTSS tek forum, ive come to a mixed conclusion…
BTW the material is not a factor, like others state it can be done with sugar trim and larf. This was done with mix of trim/larf nugs

  1. Solution was at proper solvent evaporated to extract ratio parameters. (Full bloom), proper saturation levels for bloom occurring.

  2. There was more solvent then neccessary for a proper thca full bloom, thus forced the crash to bottom of jar and (layered like sand bloom)…
    Improper solution level for bloom to occur…
    -With this explanation (2.) Would the solution need more of the solvent to evaporate and lowering solution level in mason jar then putting back into cryo?


Well said


Am i capping too early? Im trying to cap at the 1/3 mark but everytime i do i get that scary buldge in the lid and it freaks me out some reassurance that this is supposed to happen will make me feel better or cap at a higher saturation level. Also thanks for all the awesome answers from people who have experience reading this forum has been a ton of help i made an account today to be more apart of the community


yes if your lid buckles like that, definitely too much pressure which is caused by too much solvent left over. Not sure if it helps, or is even the right way to go about it, but once I cap, I leave the lid maybe half tightened. It’s tight enough to build some pressure but also loose enough to where it will let some pressure escape if it builds too high before buckling and bending the lid. Once I notice it stops hissing, I tighten the full amount and it seals perfectly and holds pressure for the entire time.


Yeah u def have to much solvent…the 1/3rd only works if u have 3:1 solvent to oil ratio
Which is hard to do in my opinion… slowly vent, might change the lid and if way to much u may need fifteen min before capping…
The heat will greatly build your pressure right back up.

I been extremely wrong about consistency at cap for safe capping… It’s more oil like when capped, but still really thin… If you haven’t blown her off she will be fine, but to be safe I wouldn’t let get like that


Thank you so much for your reply now that i know exactly when to cap, seeing what too much looks like for my own eyes my next step is to vac it put in carts and try again with some fresher material the age of this stuff is completely unknown and wont diamond up for anything when ive gotten previous batches to diamond up. Im also wondering if i didnt get too hot as i put the heat on 80 which made the jars get a bit warmer than 80 and melted the seeds i had put in there. Without growing my own to reduce the varieables in freshness level this seems to be some trial and error


if your seeds melt, that too is an indication of too much solvent. My first run was a success with absolutely no heat at all, just sitting at room temp


I’d have to agree w @clouds 80f didn’t melt it, u had to much solvent when you added it…

Also have u tried just leaving it to see if crashes, sometimes can take up to 2wks

And no it doesn’t take any heat… Heat makes faster, assuming the material isn’t so old it’s natural decarbed


yeah heat in my experience only makes it thinner which has given me more numerous smaller crystals. When I do it without any heat, I get fewer stones but they’re at least twice the size. Either way I end up without around the same amount of crystals, it’s the size of them that changes with temps for me. (colder = bigger stones, hotter = smaller stones)