OTSS When To Cap, Request for Pictures


I’m sorry man, dumb that down… Gradient to steep?


Your gradient of saturation. Move too fast =sugar


Ok… So when I opened the jar at room temp, caused a speed up of evap… Thus giving sugar? Bc that’s all I did different was opened bc lid was extremely popped and wanted to put new lids, there was visual Tane but it did bubble a lil when opened


Yeah, I hate popped lids. Switch to a miner and you’ll be happier. I bet you could make one, you mentioned having a welder around your shop on here.


Hell after looking at them it looks like it’s nothing but a 6-inch spool with a base and the lid ,I definitely could do, if not the mechanic that works at my dad’s shop can basically do anything thanks for the info


Damn you was right, 85f lids back up, definitely have pressure again, I think pressure matters till I’m proved otherwise, guess it slows the evap down…

Next time I just will make sure new lids and bands… And I won’t open once sealed, if at the 1/3rd level I never have problems


Well after some batches, I’d say the safe capping zone is 200ml mother solution. Starting with roughly 400ml. I’m sure these numbers could be scaled up or down depending on the system size.


did you wash these at all? or is your terp fraction just completely(majority) poured out


No wash, just terps pouered off (for the most part that is!) :laughing:


That’s his THCa crystals, the diamonds themselves . This is what you are after… The terp fraction is then jarred and tons of Crystals will continue to fall out of the terp fraction


Excellent! Thanks for the data


Just trying to help hoss!


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whats your jar look like before you put it in the miner ?
are you filling your jar completly with oil and solute and placing in the miner or are you letting it purge down a bit before putting in the miner?