OTSS When To Cap, Request for Pictures


Thanks! I’ll give this a shot, my last couple of runs have had no signs of growth for 5-6 days now.


thank you for such an explanation, ive also was curious if by burying my jar to where the solution line is if it would induce more of the cannabinoids to force themselves towards the crash points (bottom of jar). i recently did this with a short wide mouth. i was able to pour off from the CLS and it was just right below the lip rim on the outside of mason jar. then buried it in a slurpie of isoalcohol and dryice. its been about 16 hours and it seems like it crashed quicker & more compared to other jars just quarter way buried.


Yeah you want to cover the mother solution to at least the liquid line! Definitely helps the crash! But won’t force anything, there’s no pressure. The thca it falling out of solution due to the extreme cold.


Just saying my last jar I burped after about hr being capped, must lost all my pressure bc lid didn’t pop out any at all,I replaced the lid when it was open and did it quick, the first lid was so buckled I was worried… Just gonna keep my fingers crossed…

With Diamond miner I can justify burping… But with the jars, if cap at correct time there is no need… I’ve still yet to see that’s gonna happen this time, I think I may have enough pressure as looks like things are Gathering on bottom, but I don’t know if more pressure will give me bigger Diamond or not, maybe someone can clarify that…

Will more pressure, a safe amount of more pressure create bigger Diamonds @Otscc? Thanks buddy


Do you have it in any low heat? You can build the pressure will a little heat if not.


Even if every visable drop of butane is gone… I’m on like week 2 from initial cap


Is there an ideal starting material? I.e. Cured flower, Fresh frozen, Sugar Leaf, or whole plant. And if so what are ideal temps to keep said material and for how long before a run


Yeah there should be enough to add a little bit a pressure, had a similar thing happen with old lids. Had to swap like 10 days in.


Well, any material will work really. The fresher the more terpenes. What do you mean ‘kept at what temps?’ Generally store your material in the freezer. But I may be not clear on what you mean. The cryo is post run.


We have a cryo freezer, just wondering if starting material should be stored in the cryo freezer or the standard freezer? Sorry still new to this diamond game lol


All good! I don’t think it makes much difference for just material. Storing your filled material columns in the cryo will help when you run.


Just open these gems up!! Mmm


you got a nice covering of crystals there! How much starting material did you run to get this much return?


Thanks sir! That was from a 2lb run or just under if I remember right.


Any particular reason I’d be getting a sugar consistency like this instead of actual crystal formations?

This is after 2 days.


Try not evaping so much solvent from your mother solution. You can use a bigger jar too.


The big jar will really help, I had same thing happen my first time…

But your not done yet, it takes weeks to get bigger formations, takes me at least 2 to 3


Do you know if you get that more sugary/applesauce consistency in the beginning if can you just leave that for another 2-3 weeks and get some bigger formations or is it going to be more of the same? Is this from to much nucleation and not enough growth? I thought that most likely meant the solvent was evaporating to quickly because it was to warm, not sealed well enough, or not enough solvent left in originally?


When I get large stones, no I don’t see sugar, normally when large the most of everything is gathering really good…normally if I get sugar I didn’t have enough pressure to push the stuff down and together…

Couple ppl told me pressure doesn’t matter, just funny every time I don’t have any I get sugar :yum:

Guess the could be many factors, I been able to replicate under 80-85 but I’ve had room temp runs do just as good if not better for me… Took way longer though, but I got larger stones, and I have lot pressure, enough to buldge it out pretty dang good the entire first cap…

This last time I burped bc lid was buldging bad, I replaced lid at same moment, was only hr or 2 after cap, still tons visual Tane, but it didn’t build pressure back, the jar was way bigger… But long story short, not as much pressure I’m not getting as large stones, so far, I’ll give more time


If you get sugar you are experiencing precipation rather than recrystalazation. Sugar occurs where the gradient is too steep.