OTSS When To Cap, Request for Pictures


Yes, this is a very good way to keep it consistent.

Likewise, If you take the mass of the solution and compare it to the mass of an equal volume of pure butane/propane, you’ll get a good idea of how much is in solution. Density of butane should be about 0.6 g/mL at (at either 0 Celcius or 25 Celcius, can’t recall)…if you have 200 mL of pure butane, it should weigh about 120g. Now weigh 200 mL of your solution with oil in it. The oil will weigh much closer to 1 g/mL. This can help you figure out the saturation consistently…maybe start pouring into graduated cylinders/beakers instead of jars, or mark the jars with sharpie yourself

Your jar does shows every 100 mL so you can still get a decent idea, but the more precisely it’s marked the better of course.


This has worked for me every time.


This is based on a 2lb run which I get around 13-18% return. There is over 120gs of final product.


Nice, so roughly 30% of the initial solution was the extract…looks like the 1/3 rule might hold up yall :wink::joy:
too soon? … Don’t trip, I’m laughing at myself, equally.


no sir. you say things like 1/3 asshole. 1/3 lost my mind. and such. isn’t picking the science apart. that’s clearly disrespectful. if you want to question the tek then that’s fine. but being a dick about it is unnecessary. your entire part in this convo is attacking me personally. if it’s about the science. then keep it about the science. and honestly most extractors understand nuances. good extractors know how to work those in and make it work for them. so if you’re not here to hold a CIVIL conversation about science and not be a dick. then I have no reason to talk to you.


I haven’t been able to play with the tek lately. were building out now. as soon as I get my c1d1 put together then those will be my first priority.


Very possible, data time…



ok so if you responded in this fashion from the beginning.

A) I can repeat it. I’ve seen people crystallize by following exactly the steps provided in the original post. I never said otherwise, did I?

B) Are you suggesting that I’m at some fault for reading and reviewing something without providing the same medium of information with better data? That’s not how the world works. . . . . I think?

C) I wouldn’t consider any single study “complete,” but I do plan on adding some data myself. Unfortunately (or not, idk), it’s not at the top of my to-do list, as much as I honestly would like it to be.

D) I addressed the vagueness of the tek also to promote such clarification/edits/updates from the original poster or anyone who may chose to provide their own data.

without using word like asshole or saying things like l 1/3rd lost my mind or been a sick in general I would have responded in kind.

if you want to discuss the science behind it in a professional manner than things would have gone a bit different. and as I said before. this tek definitely needs to be dialed in. but that’s part of why I released it. hoping the community would help that process. I can do it alone. as soon as I finish my recreational lab. but that’s not the point of this website. this is to bring us all together to improve the industry together.


my apologies for coming off a little cross. criticism on the tek is very welcome. but let’s keep it about the tek alone. and I apologize for my absence on here. been busy af as well as have had major issues with my phone and computer.


This tech has worked for me every time. Here’s a current one I’m about to remove from the freezer.

Also if your splatter platter is a 6” x 2” that’s roughly 1lbs of sovlent or mother solution. I recover to just a little under 1.75” of mother solution. Which is around 388-400ish ml when poured in 24oz mason jars. I don’t really lose any during cryo.


the solvent does not evaporate in the freezer. Once cryo’d a vacuum forms and the lid sucked closed!(you can’t pop the button on the lid)


I know my lil bit doesn’t matter at all but just showing how even the Lil guy can do this!

And @Otscc I’m taking a bow to you, straight up holy crap…it’s ppl like the guys and gals at this community that let me know there is LOVE still out there and thank you so much for this info… especially after all the “proprietary secrets” they are claiming and that this can only be done on $20k extractors!!! Yeah uh huh!! Once again thank you thank you thank you!!!


I didn’t mean for it to get taken so far. I came off harsh from the start, but it really was about the science. And you gotta understand, I was calling myself 1/3 asshole, 1/3 crazy, and 1/3 just trying to help…because I do find these things to be true on some level. I have to laugh at myself - I’m a quirky motherfucker and have no definitive no plans to change it

Usually that will be the case, but a pretty silly risk to take IMO. I’ve had jars of alcohol break sitting under dry ice in a chest freezer. I’ve also seen erlenmeyers crack after sitting full of cold solution for 10-20 minutes…not a chance I wanna take with Kerr/Ball jars personally. I was also referring to a specific post that claimed some solvent may be lost in the freezer (I have witnessed this as well - thankfully the homie uses a chest freezer right by the exhaust duct in his well-ventilated extraction room.


it matters more than you know boss. thank you so much for the kind words. this is what makes it all worth it.


how long do you stay in cryo to get the bloom? I’m getting seperation, but not bloom? TIA!


Are you getting white sand? In the bottom during cryo, if so your ok, scroll up, look at my goodness from the SOP

It depends on how much you have, I been doing average 10g end lately, hell I went 12hrs and got white sand… But that’s tiny runs, and that’s just showing how it happens pretty quick for me…I leave it 2 days unless I have shit ton or unless I run out dry ice and already have a good collection

I never get big big white Blooms… Didn’t mean your not get Diamonds…

Mine melt Everytime! Once you cap that is… Mine never has enough not to melt once you cap I think


Usually takes 2-3 days…
I do a cryo bath then move to just dry ice then just the freezer.


Thanks for trying to help! I get inconsistent results. I’m able to get some crystal growth, both large and small. I just can’t replicate it? The only thing I can think of is I’ve never seen the thca bloom. Yes I get sand, and separation, but haven’t achieved cryo bloom. Here’s what I normally see after 2-3 days cryo, and some crystals I’ve grown.


Looks like you need to dial in the amount of mother solution you have? Thinking you may recover just a little too much solvent. I leave roughly 350-400ml of mother solution. That’s a almost full 6”x2” splatter platter before pouring. Then I go into a cryo bath. Keep cryo bath above mother solution line, then after 24-48 hours I’ll put my jar in a small styrofoam box with dry ice (your local fish store should have some as they send fish and coral in them) then I let sit another 24-48 hours. The bloom actually happens when that layer you see, slowly will dissolve as the mother solution comes out of cryo in the freezer (difference in temp change from cryo to frozen) you can leave them in the freezer for as long as you like really. Hope that helps.


Yes everything looks fine, as he just said, you want 1/3rd the starting solvent to evaporated before cryo, you look fine to me… Make sure you have new lids and bands,

other than that Diamonds mining isn’t a refined ART just yet, but I get consistent huge ass stones Everytime, they are not all same size bc I don’t know if that ever happens… Good luck

And I think your stuff looks perfect bro, nothing wrong if you followed SOP