Oregon service company has refurbished chillers fridges and freezers for sale

several makes and models. just tell us what you are trying to achieve and we’ll see if we have an item that will work for you.

Can u list some available specs and prices @kurisu?

prices are roughly 50% of new or less depending on cosmetics. all units are tested to OEM specification and pass or we will not sell. all units have a 90 day warranty.
there are to many to list frankly, but we can check and see if we have what you need

Ahh cmon give an example or two of your ult chillers pricing @kurisu put some effort in!!


Seconded. Let’s see a few examples so we have an idea


sorry. too busy

WHAT? Too busy?

If you are to busy to make money then why did you make a for sale thread?

We are your clients its not our job to ask you what you have for sale. You are supposed to tell us what you have for sale.


Yeah come on man, at least a link to a website with your inventory would be nice. Why would anyone do business with a company that can’t put in even the bare minimum effort? You got everyone’s attention with 50% off chillers now close some sales!!


Wow. Kinda figured @kurisu was lazy from the op. Don’t think you’ll be closing too many sales here w that attitude.


Not everyone new understands this is an instant gratification society…

Give the guy his moment to reply.


He’s been typing a reply for 20min!!


sorry guys. we are busy with service and do not have a sales person. we might hire a sales specific person in a month or two. for now, as i said earlier, if you know what you are trying to achieve or the make and model of what you are looking for we can check what we have.

i list this to hopefully help someone out with an affordable unit and free up some space in our shop. we sell service. the refurbished units are a biproduct of our service work.

hopefully someone can benefit


You took more time writing that reply then it would have been to just go look at a couple units, post up specs, and price.

Guess I must just be an asshole…


How’s about a neslab ult80? Got any @kurisu?

Take photos. Upload as many as you can with prices and model product details.

If you need any help you can private message users for advice. (I’ll help)

Service guys need a break and if you guys fix up what we abuse. I salute you.


ill check

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Where are you located in Oregon? Portland or medford area? North and south as I calls em

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you get it.




Eugene eh? Locate all the northern california extraction equipment suppliers and solvent suppliers and southern oregon ones.

From Adchem to Bhoghart to maybe Subzero? I think they have a medford location. Anyways. These guys are your closest neighbors and are good sister businesses. Yeah I wouldn’t run a bhoghart unit but know they need help with their repair side of business by reading on here. I know Xtractor depots team personally so I don’t question there team (don’t waste your time, unless you want a job). Imagine they’re looking to expand.

But chillers and pump repairman are in a shortage in this industry. So many new trainees from the auto industry. If you know what you’re doing on chillers. Reach out to Huber and Julabo etc to be a certified tech and earn repair business with them directly.

If you have a website or business I can look up I have a bunch of family and friends in the area and industry, hmu I’ll see how I can help find you business. Just don’t reference me as I haven’t seen your work. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: