Orange Photonics LightLab for Sale

Barely used- asking $10k- DM for details, thanks

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Recently calibrated as well

I see these advertised being able to analyze a variety of sample matrices but hear problems when working with oil. What has been your experience ?

I returned mine for that reason. One of ten tests hit near the third party COA. Seemed to work fine on all flower samples though.

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Lame, for the price seems better off getting one of those SRI GCs

Hell I have seen waters 2695s and Agilent 1100 Hplcs for less than or equal to 10K, granted more work to operate those


I’m selling my beckman hplc for 5k lol

Hmmmmm, what is the model #? What is included?

5k is just the Beckman and autosampler and a few extras. The other 1kish is for the UV specs.

EDIT: PRICE DROP $6500, DM for details

Still available @nostrum ?

I promise you brother, its not worth it. Get a t-check for $500, it’ll be nearly as accurate!


Not even the Orange Photonics? For Biomass?

It is sir- and priced to move- DM- also we have a Perkin Elmer Flexar that’s ALSO priced to move

DM’ing you.

Edit: Can’t DM you. How much for the Flexar?

click on one of his posts and start to flag it, after you click the flag icon it will give you the option to dm the user.


Sorry- I replied, I keep going to change my account status but things move so quickly lol I get sidetracked every time

is the orange tester still available?

it is

which version is it?

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Hey shoot me a dm