Opening my second lab need equipment input


I thought that guy was ran out of town years ago. I remember when he was selling cheap short paths and reactors for 300% mark up and absolutely no ability to even turn it on.

Ignorance will always be preyed up in our industry (and all).


Yea man, It’s ok honestly when we started we were just investors and we had people run our system so they picked what they wanted but we realized that they didn’t really know whats up lol No we run everything so not making bad decisions again


Delta all day, Bizzybees FFE killing the game for now.


Yes but they are very expensive I wonder if we can get cost lower


If you have some general knowledge on the systems you want, you can always design one yourself and send it off to someone to manufacture for you. You could avoid all the markup this way. Downside is some experimental failures along the way but overall it is a cheaper option. From what I’ve seen, the markup is only getting larger. My original quote on a CUP15 was ~$45,000 and is now closer to $80,000. Some time spent designing your own equipment can go a long way.


I’m fairly new to extracting, and i’ve started noticing this extremely.

Local extract shop sells a fresh out of the container 5lb extractor for 8k (just steel)…find a manufacturer in China yourself and it’s max $1000 including shipping lol.

What irritates me the most, and will only continue to grow as I expand in producing…is when you notice the markup they put on top way beyond the cost of goods, just because you can process x amount more so this piece of steel is right away an extra +++$$$


As a business expands the cost of business goes up. General economocs. Keep in mind the new trade embargo between the us and china. We are going to see lots come through Canada from China.


I would spend 45 on the cup 15 for sure but I agree its forcing us to make our own


guessing these guys want $12k

I think these are the guys who picked up Bock’s design, in case you want to explore new.

When I first proposed a cannabis disorienter to the crew I’m working with, my fabricator thought we could get fairly close for about $5k. Having seen the CUP up close and personal, he was probably wrong. We would have spent maybe twice that to get it working. Assuming we didn’t go down any rabbit holes.


I’m cool with new or used


I thought this as well. But the chinese find ways around the new tariffs. I import a lot of steel products from China. This is how they are getting around the new tariffs. Now instead of express threw Fedex, ups, dhl, sf express…etc. They are shipping air freight with the freight company incurring all the tariffs. I dont know how the customs is working or if they are paying the whole tariff or no tariff…the shipment is in the dark(no tracking) until it passes threw customs.

The cost is still the same as express shipping but i havent seen ANY tariffs with this new way of shipping. Not even the normal 5% Chinese steel tax. This certainly takes about a week longer in transit.

Ive seen MULTIPLE chinese suppliers use this method recently. My main supplier even guarantees no tariffs on this new method of shipping. If i do incure them which i cant see how based on the route…my supplier said they would credit my next order for the tariff.


Please show me where you can get a 5lb extractor shipped from china for $1000. This wont happen based on shipping alone. I can guarantee you that the shipping on a 5lb unit with solvent tank is over $500 alone. Even sea freight is costing $2.5 per kg. The parts might be had for under $1000 or right around that price but the shipping will take that well above $1000. I really dont even think you can get a 5lb extractor for $1000 with a solvent tank because i was just quoted around that price for a 2.5lb unit without shipping.

What happens when you have a pin hole leak in the lid welds? What happens when you find the fittings on the hose leaks? Or when you have threading that is janky? I HAVE VIDEOS OF ALL 3 OF THESE FAILURES IF YOU WANT TO SEE!

You will also need yours or someone else labor to build and pressure test them. This doesnt always happen on first shot. your gonna need a compressor with a jic to quick coupler attachment testing purposes…An ashcroft digital pressure gauge is a good piece of equipment if your going this route.

As you can probably tell…ive gone down this road with all my extractors. While i did save a lot of money, it did come with its own set of problems and set backs that cost me MONTHS of time overall. Ive bought all 3 of my closed loops from china direct as well as my diamond miners. Not one came perfect, but all are perfect now…it can be done. Just dont think a direct chinese extractor is going to be as refined or inspected the same way an american company that simply bought a chinese extractor. Usually that company has already gone threw the problems and are on the same page as their chinese suppliers as far as quality and expectations.

Not to mention but ive seen 5lbs extractors on ebay for under $3000 and most companies that sell chinese extractors not american made stuff are under $5000.


Sneaky sneaky!


The worst part is assembling all the parts and leak testing. One time we came up short on a compression fitting, it was a special one like a week to order. I had my welder tig weld two of the fittings together in order to make the type needed! It worked fine till the replacement arrived. We pressure test with the (gas)nitrogen bottle we use to run the extractor.

Kinda goofy with the two regulators.
Left side is to blanket the chiller, right is for the nitrogen mantafold.


Yeah…thats what i was getting at with my post. Pressure testing a custom extractor directly bought from china can have its difficulties. I do see a HUGE benefit for building your own extractor and i think most if not all people here are intelligent enough to do so.

Over the years, Ive found leaks on my fittings and valves but im sure this is just a normal over time. id imagine from taking my extractors from -100 to plus degrees has a bunch to do with the eventually leaking but leak detecting is part of my maintenance so these thing dont happen really anymore.

It has also helped knowing how to build these things as the industry moves forward. Going from a normal closed loop with a carbon steel tank…now you dont see those in systems that much LOL…so now all my extractors have stainless tanks…now to 2 stage dewaxing…to diamond mining. Being able to build my own, has made it ultra affordable for me a person that extracts only for head stash. Most of this equipment is out of my reach because i dont have investors and such. I have a pretty normal job which really doesnt make a lot of disposable income for a $3000 extractor…$800 miner. LOL

Im just happy to make my own medicine for 1/5 of the market rate. It allows me to live pain free and not worry about if i can afford my pain management. I didnt want to discourage the person i origanally responded to. I just wanted him or her to understand the other side of it where shit always dont go smoothly.


Amen brother!

This is one of my used pieces of equipment!




If you search Alibaba and contact suppliers you could source or build a 5lb extractor for around that mark give or take - I didn’t factor in shipping because I have containers coming from China every couple months I can throw in.

I understand there are risks associated with ordering from China, but few of these closed loops you see are made in USA or come with any standardized certification, and when they are the price jumps 100% minimum.

If you do your research into manufacturers you can find quality ones to minimize the risk of the problems you’ve outlined like the local companies here have done ( you can usually find their exact models on Alibaba, and tell which manufacturer they are using, or inquire with them and they will confirm to get direct sales ).

I will be going this route for sure as I continue to build out. I’ll do my research, order, and report back. All the steel I have now i’m paying a hefty premium on and is coming fresh in on a container with none of these problems


I think you will be surprised that the price on the alibaba minisite is not the price for 1 unit. I think a 5lb unit with some dewaxing chamber and a solvent tank is gonna cost a minimum $1600 and closer to $2000 if you want a rack for that 250lb extractor. Looking forward to see what you find. It certainly can be done. Like i said…I did this exact thing. All my extractors are bomb as fuck and would cost me probably $10k if i would have bought from BVV and even more if i would have bought from OSS, Xtractor Depot…Fuck know how much if i bought American.

Good luck…


I do it the other way around. I feel that the fractional SPD is better for that fast rough cut while the pope WFE is best suited to a single sight fraction.

But I am admittedly new to the pope while have a couple years of full time SPD work so I am curious for in put and hearing more about why you do it that way.