Opening my second lab need equipment input


I think the color comes out better


we have number of 2 and 4 inch units in stock and will have three of the Chemtechs in about 3-4 weeks time. these will include all vacuum system, back up pump, feed system, either gravity feed or forced feed with a controller to control feed rate. we also have a decraboxyla unit that can process about 60-80 liter per batch


Can you send me some info about your decarb unit. Also some of the chem-tech info would be appreciated also. Thanks


This is similar to the delta separations units?


@mr_pickles sure…they are both AtEx rated basket centrifuges.

Have your read the CUP & Washing Machine "Salad Spinner" tek threads?


Yo. I need to get you on a phone consult. We are growing around 30k lb this year and need to upgrade from bucket tek. When can we get you on a Call ? This site has helped so damn much and now it is time to go bigger.


Shoot me a dm


Do you have a link to the hei-vap industrial 50+ 24/7 package? I’d love to get specs sheet on it.


Purge labs for bho crude system. Lmk if you need further assistance to fit your needs