Opening my second lab need equipment input


Pinnacle’s evaporation skid can do 100l/hr and can also be left unattended. 8 times the recovery for what I believe is about twice the price. I love what the Hei-Vap can do, but it doesn’t seem like an economical option to ethanol recovery.


how much is that?


If you are referring to Pinnacles’s system, it is $180,000.


The Bizzybee FFE starts at $50k for steel only, and I think a build out can be done for $80-90k.




Yes, I looked at his system it was like $117 built out. Does anyone in the group have it or know someone that does?


I’ve seen it operate, but idk anybody other than Boris that has one


Any feedback?


FFE is a very simple concept, bizzy seems to have the principal down and is able to deliver a functional product for a good price


Good point. If you have 100L to run every hour, that is probably a good product for you. Most of my customers are not running at that rate . . . yet! :wink:


The roto comes into play in my labs when recovery of smaller (relative) volumes of volitile solvents like Pentane need to be recovered post liquid partitioning or solid phase extraction (chromatography)


Regarding the heivap distimatic, what percentage of solvent is left in the extract in order to facilitate the pump out? Anyone know?


That is what my team is working on scaling up to with our second lab


When you say build out, are you referring to the additional equipment needed for the FFE to function along with site specific installation, or are you referring to just the additional equipment?

These look to be a great option for recovery and wondering too if they’ve been peer reviewed/ stamped. Anyone know?


My reference to additional equipment refers to the fact that they have a range of options for heating, cooling, vacuum, etc. They let you choose whether you want to shoot for lowest price or greatest ability, and everything in between.

BizzyBee has a great outlook in terms of scalability. They try their best to make sure systems are expandable and upgradeable as the technology changes.

I don’t know exactly what stamps they have achieved, @Future would probably know better…but over the last 12-18 months have acquired greater and greater design methodology.




I already have our first lab going but about to do our second lab we want to produce 100+ liters a month at our new lab and I don’t want to get sold the dream I want the real deal and right equipment.


I completely understand. For me one of the most important design features in any system is flexibility/ modularity/ upgradability.

Can make pulling the trigger difficult.


The truth what system did you end of going with?


I haven’t yet. Though it’s looking like a good option would be to assemble a custom cryo etoh system, likely purchase a falling film (though am starting to wonder if building one is possible), and contract out the distillation (for the short term). I’m in talks with various component manufacturers and seem to be closing in on a viable chain.

One thing at a time.