Opening my second lab need equipment input


Happens to the best of us brother


Starting price for his FFE is 50k. It adds up quickly if you want all the amenities. If you use tap water for cooling and a $5,000 steam generator, you should have more than enough. His enthalpy booster can also be made for relatively cheap if you’re willing to put the time into producing one.

Overall, you should talk to Future4200. He has years of experience in this department and could help you pick what equipment works for your needs.


100% Future is the mvp


Thanks for the love dudes. I like to sell my self on the fact that by hiring me you will make significantly more money, faster, while avoiding unwanted hash volcanoes and other catastrophic failures.


will you message me your rates? Or are they still 5k a day?


Rates are as posted on my consulting page. Unless you book one of my coveted “once a month” jobs through Lab Society. Then it’s like $250 an hour or so


nice i’ll be 100% be using you for sure


I think the CUP15 is a wonderful machine. Last time I checked it was $30k I believe, but only does 10 pounds or less per cycle. For that kind of investment I know you can get a filter press for $50k that does at least 50 pounds and saves you the manipulation of the plant material.


For dewaxing you should check out our filter trolleys. They work pretty well and have a large capacity.

Not shure if its OK to plug my kit here but @Future please let me know forum rules.


10lb per run but each run takes like 10-15 minutes. People are processing 200-300lb a day with it right now. I believe it’s closer to $50k though and they won’t be ready with new machines until Q3 or Q4.


My point being that you can get a press that needs no manipulation of the biomass and do 50 pounds or more at a time for a bit more money or perhaps the same. You could easily do 1000+ pounds a day with one person operating. Also, lead times on presses are not so lengthy.


I encourage you to advertise here. Please feel free to use the Vendor Category Looking forward to reviewing your filter!


nice yes trying to get my production levels up


Appreciate the info! We have been looking at the CUP15. What filter press do you recommend that we look into? Trying to do all my research before we purchase this new equipment.


I need this, can you please send me some recommendations?


Here is the link for the 5 Cubic Foot Press we sell. Have a look and let me know if you have any questions.


Is this what you’re talking about?


Correct. The 5 cubic foot dryer press. I sent the link above. Simple to use and cost effective. Little to no maintenance. If you have specific questions feel free to ask here so we can answer to all who might have similar questions.


You’ve caught my eye on this. What kind of run time are you looking at for a 50lb batch? What would be an average biomass to ethanol ratio? Would you use a filter aid like DE or a pre-coat? Or are you using a filter material with a specific pore size?


The biomass to ethanol ratio is up to you, whatever you like best. In general the pumps can handle up-to about 60% solids so the main point is that you must have a pulp you can pump. This gives you flexibility as to how much or how little solvent you choose to use.

We typically recommend your material be debucked and ground. Debucking is just a good idea in general for several reasons. For me the benefit is removing the fiber that can only create problems. Other benefits include less need and waste of solvent and less material to process.

You must also grind your material. This is just good practice as ground material should yield better extraction % than non ground material. The ground material makes it easier to pump the pulp with the added recovery benefits.

Finally, you need to agitate your material. Remember, you are pumping pulp not trim. It is essential to keep your biomas in suspension to pump so agitation is critical. There are no bags used in this extraction process. Agitation is always a good idea as it also will increase your recovery.

Notice how all these recommendations to make the filtration process work correctly are good ideas for recovery anyways!

There are no filter aides used and there is no filter paper and the filtering material is not measured in porosity. We supply the correct filter material for your process. The end result is dry biomass and filtered solvent ready for FFE etc…

The basic flow of this process is as follows:

  1. Ground, debucked biomass is placed loose in an agitated tank and extracted at desired temperature for desired time.
  2. Biomass is pumped directly from tank to filter.
  3. When filtration is complete, bladders squeeze excess solvent out of biomass. This occurs in a closed system so no loss of solvent.
  4. You now blow compressed air through the closed system to remove more solvent and clean pipes of all solvent.
  5. You now open the press and the biomass falls into a dumpster for disposal.
  6. Close the press and continue filtering another batch.

The process takes 1-2 hours depending on the squeeze time, air blow dry time, cleanup time. If you had a 500 pound press it would also take 1-2 hours more or less.

Each cubic foot holds about 10 pounds or a bit more. If i’m mistaken please someone clarify.

This machine costs about $1,000 or less per pound capacity, versus CUP15 $4-5,000 per pound.
A larger machine that does 500 pounds in 1-2 hours will cost about $400 per pound capacity.