Opaline silica for sale (possibly)

Hey all,

So for anyone following and interested, oil dri adsorbent is a potential crc media that can be used. @Photon_noir has had the best luck with this compared to the agsorb product.

But, it has to be the bags that are mined from the California mine.

I think I found somewhere online that has this exact item for sale, I’m going to call them tomorrow to find out. I have the exact serial number needed now.

If so, I’m going to buy a bag and I’ll have smaller amounts for sale. I’ll keep everyone posted.


He didnt say it had to be from a california mine, just that that was where his came from.

What he was basically saying is that as long as what you have is the hydrated form of non crystalline silica then you can be confident that it has a great affinity for plant pigments and will work well, no matter the source from which it was mined.

A good test to indicate whether or not you have the right stuff is to take a teaspoon of it and drop it into a cup of hot water. If it mostly dissolves then you have the right stuff because crystalline silica will not dissolve in water, hot or cold.

In the spirit of the thread title, i wonder if this stuff dissolves in water :thinking::thinking:


Yeah Taft specifically was the one I know was mentioned. Let me know I’d love to try some.

Thanks for the clarification, and tip. I’ll try this out for sure.

So overall this stuff can be cheap, so I have an 8# bag coming from amazon for 10 bucks, and this site I have found the bigger bag from is based in California so I figure the odds for getting a bag with non crystallized silica is better? Now that I know this test, I’m curious to try this on bags with different serial numbers and see what happens. What temp is considered hot? 120 f?

Maybe you can clear something up for me? The sds for this product is the same for a few of their other products, and the three major items listed are bentonite, fullers earth, and silica hydrated, but all say 90-100%, does that mean each product may have a different % of each of the three items listed?

Thanks in advance!

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Got the oil dri opaline silica. Ran it today and saw no difference in the outcome. Just read what @Curious_miner said and threw some in hot water and it did not dissolve.


No difference in color or in remediation efficiency?

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Nope it honestly didn’t seem to do anything.


Did you dry it in a vacuum oven prior to use?

Im not entirely sure, but post that sds and ill be able to get a better idea.

My definition of hot water is just what comes out of my faucet.


MSDS_1003000Aug11.pdf (32.6 KB)

Duh, I forgot that before, my bad!

You got a sample from the oil dri rep too right?

yes i did


Hmmm, this is curious.

We’ve all seen your work, so it’s not user error somehow lol.


Im not sure, ive never seen 3 separate ingredients listed as being such a high % composition. Maybe its referring to what the bag may or may not contain since its an unrefined mined product thats only meant to absorb oil spillage.

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It looks like what you have there is a pelletized/granulated clay product.

Maybe these oil dry folks dont know our application. Maybe they think we need to clean up messes so theyre just sending the most absorbent shit they got lol

I haven’t either, it confused me haha. I think what your saying sounds about right.

And if your right about them just sending random shit, wtf!!!

Lol yo turpentine is terpenes right?


Pretty sure they just spelled it wrong lol :wink:

They sell turpentine at home depot next to paint thinner. Google says it’s pine tree live resin that’s been distilled :joy:


Live resin?! Fuck yes…

@Photon_noir, want to chime in, in case we’re about to go down the wrong path