Only The Strong sauce tek


That was formed in 24 hours


Exactly, a grain of “sugar” and a diamond are both crystals in themselves. Neither are THCA which is what we are talking about. The two “words” or “terms” are being used to describe the “SIZE” of the THCA “CRYSTAL” in question.


I’m comparing sugar to thca cuz you can grow crystals aka Rock candy. And thca if isolated is a crystalline.


:man_facepalming: Your correct.


day 17


day 17side view, hope you all dont mind the constant pics/progress updates


day 17, next pics friday


Looks awesome keep em coming


For those that did not see it there is a thread regarding sonocrystallization here-> Sonocrystallization


Day 7 after cold crash


cold crash for four hours…


.25g was the biggest, rest of them are smalllll, but plentyful thankfully. Next batch will be unseeded. Sonoassisted


gonna be a gooood night :slight_smile: poured terps into smaller jar to finish for 2 more weeks.



looks amazing ! nice work


From roughly (going by what ive ben getting finished shatter slabs doing same size run with same material) 60g start, i got 24 grams of thca-diamonds, but theres still more in the terp solution to hopefully precipitate a few more outta.


Day 9 and 2 days after I sonicated it using a 20,000hz ultrasonic cleaner for 5 mins at a time in 20 min intervals for 6 times. I did it warm though as the ultrasonic cleaner makes heat so the only way to do cold is start with cold water and drain and refill each time. I know this is not even close to the right hz and not optimal using what I am using but I wanted to try anyway. Next time I will do it the 1st few days after the cold crash and use a lab stand to suspend the jar as I feel it got too much vibration from resting on the bottom of the basket.


Nice! A little sonocrystallizatiin! 20khz could be a good wavelength! Remember, it’s about the cavitation caused by the wavelength! The higher the frequency the shorter the waves are together…meaning the cavitation bubbles stay smaller before imploding…(they use higher hz for cleaning smaller crevices) during longer wavelengths the cavitation causes the bubbles to expand more before they implode, thus a bigger boom :boom:!


Thanks all very good to know before i start next weekend


So wuts the best way of separating the layers after all is said and done